Tour of Poland 2023

7 stages • 29-07-2023 -> 04-08-2023

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stage 1

Poznań (POL) -> Poznań (POL)

29-07-2023 • 183.7 kms

stage 2

Leszno (POL) -> Karpacz (POL)

30-07-2023 • 202.9 kms

stage 3

Wałbrzych (POL) -> Duszniki-Zdrój (POL)

31-07-2023 • 163.3 kms

stage 4

Strzelin (POL) -> Opole (POL)

01-08-2023 • 198.6 kms

stage 5

Pszczyna (POL) -> Bielsko-Biala (POL)

02-08-2023 • 198.8 kms

stage 6

Katowice (POL) -> Katowice (POL)

03-08-2023 • 16.6 kms

stage 7

Zabrze (POL) -> Kraków (POL)

04-08-2023 • 166.6 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Michal Kwiatkowski Kwiatkowski, Michal POL
2 Image: Pavel Sivakov Sivakov, Pavel FRA
3 Image: Geraint Thomas Thomas, Geraint GBR
4 Image: Thymen Arensman Arensman, Thymen NED
5 Image: Laurens De Plus De Plus, Laurens BEL
6 Image: Kim Alexander Heiduk Heiduk, Kim Alexander GER
7 Image: Salvatore Puccio Puccio, Salvatore ITA
11 Image: Mikael Cherel Cherel, Mikael FRA
12 Cyclingoo Logo Gautherat, Pierre FRA
13 Image: Dorian Godon Godon, Dorian FRA
14 Image: Lawrence Naesen Naesen, Lawrence BEL
15 Image: Bastien Tronchon Tronchon, Bastien FRA
16 Image: Andrea Vendrame Vendrame, Andrea ITA
17 Image: Lawrence Warbasse Warbasse, Lawrence USA
21 Image: Nicola Conci Conci, Nicola ITA
22 Image: Alexander Krieger Krieger, Alexander GER
23 Image: Jakub Mareczko Mareczko, Jakub ITA
24 Image: Senne Leysen Leysen, Senne BEL
25 Image: Oscar Riesebeek Riesebeek, Oscar NED
26 Image: Lionel Taminiaux Taminiaux, Lionel BEL
27 Cyclingoo Logo Plowright, Jensen AUS
31 Image: Samuele Battistella Battistella, Samuele ITA
32 Cyclingoo Logo Garofoli, Gianmarco ITA
33 Image: Vadim Pronskiy Pronskiy, Vadim KAZ
34 Image: Davide Martinelli Martinelli, Davide ITA
35 Image: Antonio Nibali Nibali, Antonio ITA
36 Image: Cristian Scaroni Scaroni, Cristian ITA
37 Cyclingoo Logo Gidich, Yevgeniy KAZ
41 Image: Damiano Caruso Caruso, Damiano ITA
42 Image: Kamil Gradek Gradek, Kamil POL
43 Image: Matevz Govekar Govekar, Matevz SLO
44 Cyclingoo Logo Miholjevic, Fran HRV
45 Image: Matej Mohoric Mohoric, Matej SLO
46 Image: Andrea Pasqualon Pasqualon, Andrea ITA
47 Image: Antonio Tiberi Tiberi, Antonio ITA
51 Image: Lennard Kämna Kämna, Lennard GER
52 Image: Giovanni Aleotti Aleotti, Giovanni ITA
53 Image: Shane Archbold Archbold, Shane NZL
54 Image: Cesare Benedetti Benedetti, Cesare ITA
55 Image: Sergio Higuita Higuita, Sergio COL
56 Image: Ryan Mullen Mullen, Ryan IRL
57 Image: Sam Bennett Bennett, Sam IRL
61 Image: Max Walscheid Walscheid, Max GER
62 Image: Piet Allegaert Allegaert, Piet BEL
63 Image: Davide Cimolai Cimolai, Davide ITA
64 Image: Rúben Fernández Fernández, Rúben ESP
65 Image: Wesley Kreder Kreder, Wesley NED
66 Image: Jonathan Lastra Martinez Lastra Martinez, Jonathan ESP
67 Image: Harrison Wood Wood, Harrison GBR
71 Image: Stefan Bissegger Bissegger, Stefan SUI
72 Image: Stefan De Bod De Bod, Stefan RSA
73 Image: Marijn Van Den Berg Van Den Berg, Marijn NED
74 Image: Jens Keukeleire Keukeleire, Jens BEL
75 Image: Mark Padun Padun, Mark UKR
76 Image: Julius Van Den Berg Van Den Berg, Julius NED
77 Image: Lukasz Wisniowski Wisniowski, Lukasz POL
81 Image: Lewis Askey Askey, Lewis GBR
82 Image: Clément Davy Davy, Clément FRA
83 Image: Lorenzo Germani Germani, Lorenzo ITA
84 Image: Lenny Martínez Martínez, Lenny FRA
85 Cyclingoo Logo Penhoët, Paul FRA
86 Image: Samuel Watson Watson, Samuel GBR
87 Image: Bram Welten Welten, Bram NED
91 Image: Dries De Pooter De Pooter, Dries BEL
92 Image: Rune Herregodts Herregodts, Rune BEL
93 Image: Julius Johansen Johansen, Julius DEN
94 Image: Madis Mihkels Mihkels, Madis EST
95 Image: Hugo Page Page, Hugo FRA
96 Image: Gerben Thijssen Thijssen, Gerben BEL
97 Image: Boy Van Poppel Van Poppel, Boy NED
101 Image: Koen Bouwman Bouwman, Koen NED
102 Image: Jos Van Emden Van Emden, Jos NED
103 Image: Tobias Foss Foss, Tobias NOR
104 Cyclingoo Logo Van Dijke, Mick NED
105 Image: Olav Kooij Kooij, Olav NED
106 Image: Sam Oomen Oomen, Sam NED
107 Image: Tosh Van Der Sande Van Der Sande, Tosh BEL
111 Image: Jon Aberasturi Izaga Aberasturi Izaga, Jon ESP
112 Cyclingoo Logo Hellemose, Asbjørn DEN
113 Cyclingoo Logo Hoelgaard, Markus NOR
114 Image: Jacopo Mosca Mosca, Jacopo ITA
115 Image: Edward Theuns Theuns, Edward BEL
116 Image: Antwan Tolhoek Tolhoek, Antwan NED
117 Image: Otto Vergaerde Vergaerde, Otto BEL
121 Image: Imanol Erviti Erviti, Imanol ESP
122 Image: Fernando Gaviria Gaviria, Fernando COL
123 Image: Rúben Guerreiro Guerreiro, Rúben POR
124 Image: Max Kanter Kanter, Max GER
125 Image: Mathias Norsgaard Norsgaard, Mathias DEN
126 Cyclingoo Logo Hollmannn, Juri GER
127 Image: Sergio Samitier Samitier Samitier Samitier, Sergio ESP
131 Image: Mattia Cattaneo Cattaneo, Mattia ITA
132 Image: Josef Cerny Cerny, Josef CZE
133 Image: Jan Hirt Hirt, Jan CZE
134 Image: Tim Merlier Merlier, Tim BEL
135 Image: Bert Van Lerberghe Van Lerberghe, Bert BEL
136 Image: Ilan Van Wilder Van Wilder, Ilan BEL
137 Image: Louis Vervaeke Vervaeke, Louis BEL
141 Image: Thomas De Gendt De Gendt, Thomas BEL
142 Image: Andreas Kron Kron, Andreas DEN
144 Image: Milan Menten Menten, Milan BEL
145 Image: Sylvain Moniquet Moniquet, Sylvain BEL
146 Image: Michael Schwarzmann Schwarzmann, Michael GER
147 Image: Rudiger Selig Selig, Rudiger GER
148 Image: Lennert Van Eetvelt Van Eetvelt, Lennert BEL
151 Image: Kévin Vauquelin Vauquelin, Kévin FRA
152 Image: Michel Ries Ries, Michel LUX
153 Image: Clement Russo Russo, Clement FRA
154 Image: Lukasz Owsian Owsian, Lukasz POL
155 Image: Daniel  Mclay Mclay, Daniel GBR
156 Image: Kevin Ledanois Ledanois, Kevin FRA
157 Image: David Dekker Dekker, David NED
161 Image: Tobias Lund Andresen Andresen, Tobias Lund DEN
162 Image: Patrick Bevin Bevin, Patrick NZL
163 Image: Sean Flynn Flynn, Sean GBR
164 Image: Lorenzo Milesi Milesi, Lorenzo ITA
165 Image: Oscar Onley Onley, Oscar GBR
166 Image: Max Poole Poole, Max GBR
167 Cyclingoo Logo Van Uden, Casper NED
171 Image: Edward Dunbar Dunbar, Edward IRL
172 Image: Tsgabu Gebremaryam Grmay Grmay, Tsgabu Gebremaryam ETH
173 Image: Lucas Hamilton Hamilton, Lucas AUS
174 Image: Michael Hepburn Hepburn, Michael AUS
175 Image: Matteo Sobrero Sobrero, Matteo ITA
176 Cyclingoo Logo Quick, Blake AUS
177 Image: Callum Scotson Scotson, Callum AUS
181 Image: Pascal Ackermann Ackermann, Pascal GER
182 Image: João Almeida Almeida, João POR
183 Image: Finn Fisher-Black Fisher-Black, Finn NZL
184 Image: Davide Formolo Formolo, Davide ITA
185 Image: Rafal Majka Majka, Rafal POL
186 Image: Brandon Mcnulty Mcnulty, Brandon USA
187 Image: Tim Wellens Wellens, Tim BEL
191 Image: Stanislaw Aniolkowski Aniolkowski, Stanislaw POL
192 Cyclingoo Logo Banaszek, Alan POL
193 Cyclingoo Logo Double, Paul GBR
194 Image: Barnabás Peák Peák, Barnabás HUN
195 Image: Sebastian Schönberger Schönberger, Sebastian AUT
196 Cyclingoo Logo Weemaes, Sasha BEL
197 Cyclingoo Logo Van Hoecke, Gijs BEL
201 Image: Jack Bauer Bauer, Jack NZL
202 Image: Mark Donovan Donovan, Mark GBR
203 Image: Carl Fredrik Hagen Hagen, Carl Fredrik NOR
204 Image: Tobias Ludvigsson Ludvigsson, Tobias SWE
205 Image: Kamil Malecki Malecki, Kamil POL
206 Image: Matteo Moschetti Moschetti, Matteo ITA
207 Image: Szymon Sajnok Sajnok, Szymon POL
211 Cyclingoo Logo Kopecký, Matyáš CZE
212 Cyclingoo Logo Peron, Andrea ITA
213 Cyclingoo Logo Ridolfo, Filippo ITA
214 Cyclingoo Logo Kusztor, Péter HUN
215 Cyclingoo Logo Brand, Sam GBR
216 Cyclingoo Logo Lozano Riba, David ESP
217 Cyclingoo Logo Poli, Umberto ITA
221 Cyclingoo Logo Changizi, Sebastian DEN
222 Image: Arvid De Kleijn De Kleijn, Arvid NED
223 Image: Alexander Kamp Kamp, Alexander DEN
224 Cyclingoo Logo Pluimers, Rick NED
225 Cyclingoo Logo Suter, Joel SUI
226 Cyclingoo Logo Voisard, Yannis SUI
227 Image: Maikel Zijlaard Zijlaard, Maikel NED
231 Cyclingoo Logo Budzinski, Marcin POL
232 Cyclingoo Logo Kaczmarek, Jakub POL
233 Cyclingoo Logo Banaszek, Norbert POL
234 Cyclingoo Logo Stosz, Patryk POL
235 Cyclingoo Logo Brozyna, Piotr POL
236 Cyclingoo Logo Paterski, Maciej POL
237 Cyclingoo Logo Proć, Bartłomiej POL


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1928 and this edition is number 80

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

1130 kms are covered in a total of 7 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 29-07-2023 in Poznań and ends on 04-08-2023 in Kraków

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 168 cyclists and 24 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

UCI World Tour (Various stages) 2.UWT

What company or organizer manages it?

Vélo Hebdo



Vélo Hebdo






1130 kms



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