Tour of the Alps 2019

5 stages • 22-04-2019 -> 26-04-2019

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stage 1

Kufstein (AUT) -> Kufstein (AUT)

22-04-2019 • 144.0 kms

stage 2

Reith im Alpbachtal (AUT) -> Scena/Schenna (ITA)

23-04-2019 • 178.7 kms

stage 3

Salorno/Salurn (ITA) -> Baselga di Pinè (ITA)

24-04-2019 • 106.3 kms

stage 4

Baselga di Pinè (ITA) -> Cles (ITA)

25-04-2019 • 134.0 kms

stage 5

Caldaro/Kaltern (ITA) -> Bolzano/Bozen (ITA)

26-04-2019 • 147.8 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Vincenzo Nibali Nibali, Vincenzo ITA
2 Image: Valerio Agnoli Agnoli, Valerio ITA
3 Cyclingoo Logo Wang, Meiyin CHN
4 Image: Andrea Garosio Garosio, Andrea ITA
5 Image: Antonio Nibali Nibali, Antonio ITA
6 Image: Hermann Pernsteiner Pernsteiner, Hermann AUT
11 Image: Pascal Ackermann Ackermann, Pascal GER
12 Image: Maciej Bodnar Bodnar, Maciej POL
13 Image: Rafal Majka Majka, Rafal POL
14 Image: Pawel Poljanski Poljanski, Pawel POL
15 Cyclingoo Logo Sagan, Juraj SVK
16 Image: Andreas Schillinger Schillinger, Andreas GER
17 Image: Rudiger Selig Selig, Rudiger GER
21 Image: Pello Bilbao López De Armentia Bilbao López De Armentia, Pello ESP
22 Image: Manuele Boaro Boaro, Manuele ITA
23 Image: Dario Cataldo Cataldo, Dario ITA
24 Image: Jan Hirt Hirt, Jan CZE
25 Image: Jonas Gregaard Wilsly Gregaard Wilsly, Jonas DEN
26 Cyclingoo Logo Stalnov, Nikita KAZ
27 Image: Andrey Zeits Zeits, Andrey KAZ
31 Image: François Bidard Bidard, François FRA
32 Image: Geoffrey Bouchard Bouchard, Geoffrey FRA
33 Image: Hubert Dupont Dupont, Hubert FRA
34 Image: Ben Gastauer Gastauer, Ben LUX
36 Image: Alexis Vuillermoz Vuillermoz, Alexis FRA
41 Image: Aleksandr Vlasov Vlasov, Aleksandr RUS
42 Cyclingoo Logo Shalunov, Evgeny RUS
43 Cyclingoo Logo Shilov, Sergey RUS
44 Cyclingoo Logo Nych, Artem RUS
45 Cyclingoo Logo Rybalkin, Aleksei RUS
46 Cyclingoo Logo Rovny, Ivan RUS
47 Cyclingoo Logo Kobernyak, Evgeny RUS
51 Image: Kenny Elissonde Elissonde, Kenny FRA
52 Image: Christopher Froome Froome, Christopher GBR
53 Image: Tao Geoghegan Geoghegan, Tao GBR
54 Image: Salvatore Puccio Puccio, Salvatore ITA
55 Image: Pavel Sivakov Sivakov, Pavel FRA
56 Cyclingoo Logo Basso, Leonardo ITA
61 Cyclingoo Logo Le Roux, Romain FRA
63 Cyclingoo Logo Feillu, Brice FRA
64 Image: Elie Gesbert Gesbert, Elie FRA
66 Cyclingoo Logo Maison, Jérémy FRA
67 Image: Amaël Moinard Moinard, Amaël FRA
71 Cyclingoo Logo Moser, Moreno ITA
72 Image: Ivan Santaromita Santaromita, Ivan ITA
73 Cyclingoo Logo Osorio, Alejandro COL
74 Cyclingoo Logo Acosta, Ruben COL
75 Image: Damiano Cima Cima, Damiano ITA
76 Image: Nicola Bagioli Bagioli, Nicola ITA
77 Image: Marco Canola Canola, Marco ITA
81 Cyclingoo Logo Reyes, Aldemar COL
82 Cyclingoo Logo Amador, Juan Jose COL
83 Image: Jhojan  García García, Jhojan COL
84 Cyclingoo Logo Jaramillo diez, Daniel Alexander COL
85 Cyclingoo Logo Suaza, Bernardo COL
86 Cyclingoo Logo Quintero, Carlos Julian COL
87 Image: Juan Felipe Osorio Osorio, Juan Felipe COL
91 Image: Alessandro Bisolti Bisolti, Alessandro ITA
92 Image: Matteo Busato Busato, Matteo ITA
93 Image: Mattia Cattaneo Cattaneo, Mattia ITA
94 Image: Miguel Florez López Florez López, Miguel COL
95 Image: Fausto Masnada Masnada, Fausto ITA
96 Cyclingoo Logo Muñoz, Daniel COL
97 Image: Francesco Gavazzi Gavazzi, Francesco ITA
101 Image: Alexander Aranburu Aranburu, Alexander ESP
102 Image: David González González, David ESP
103 Image: Julen Amezqueta Moreno Amezqueta Moreno, Julen ESP
104 Cyclingoo Logo Banaszek, Alan POL
105 Image: Alvaro Cuadros Morata Cuadros Morata, Alvaro ESP
106 Image: Joel Nicolau Nicolau, Joel ESP
111 Image: Luca Wackermann Wackermann, Luca ITA
112 Image: Giovanni Carboni Carboni, Giovanni ITA
113 Image: Luca Covili Covili, Luca ITA
114 Cyclingoo Logo Orsini, Umberto ITA
115 Image: Francesco Romano Romano, Francesco ITA
116 Cyclingoo Logo Savini, Daniel ITA
117 Image: Manuel Senni Senni, Manuel ITA
121 Image: Mikel Bizkarra Bizkarra, Mikel ESP
122 Cyclingoo Logo Udondo, Gotzon ESP
123 Image: Aritz Bagües Bagües, Aritz ESP
124 Cyclingoo Logo López-Cózar, Juan Antonio ESP
125 Image: Mikel Iturria Iturria, Mikel ESP
126 Image: Fernando Barceló Aragón Barceló Aragón, Fernando ESP
127 Image: Sergio Samitier Samitier Samitier Samitier, Sergio ESP
131 Cyclingoo Logo Bongiorno, Francesco ITA
132 Image: Davide Gabburo Gabburo, Davide ITA
133 Cyclingoo Logo Raggio, Luca ITA
134 Image: Dayer Quintana Rojas Quintana Rojas, Dayer COL
135 Image: Simone Velasco Velasco, Simone ITA
136 Image: Giovanni Visconti Visconti, Giovanni ITA
137 Image: Edoardo Zardini Zardini, Edoardo ITA
141 Cyclingoo Logo Schelling, Patrick SUI
142 Cyclingoo Logo Thalmann, Roland SUI
143 Cyclingoo Logo Banzer, Gordian SUI
144 Cyclingoo Logo Geismayr, Daniel AUT
145 Cyclingoo Logo Stussi, Colin SUI
146 Cyclingoo Logo Kuen, Maximilian AUT
147 Image: José Manuel Díaz Gallego Díaz Gallego, José Manuel ESP
151 Image: Tobias Bayer Bayer, Tobias AUT
152 Image: Nicolas Dalla Valle Dalla Valle, Nicolas ITA
153 Cyclingoo Logo El Gouzi, Omar ITA
154 Image: Patrick Gamper Gamper, Patrick AUT
155 Image: Samuele Rivi Rivi, Samuele ITA
156 Cyclingoo Logo Wildauer, Markus AUT
157 Image: Georg Zimmermann Zimmermann, Georg GER
162 Cyclingoo Logo Botta, Davide ITA
163 Cyclingoo Logo Double, Paul GBR
164 Cyclingoo Logo Duranti, Jalel ITA
165 Cyclingoo Logo Garavaglia, Giacomo ITA
166 Cyclingoo Logo Rocchetti, Filippo ITA
167 Cyclingoo Logo Toniatti, Andrea ITA
171 Cyclingoo Logo Bajc, Andi SLO
172 Cyclingoo Logo Brkic, Benjamin AUT
173 Cyclingoo Logo Krizek, Matthias AUT
174 Cyclingoo Logo Lehner, Daniel AUT
175 Cyclingoo Logo Mangertseder, Matthias GER
176 Cyclingoo Logo Rabitsch, Stephan AUT
177 Cyclingoo Logo Kierner, Florian AUT
181 Cyclingoo Logo Jitaru, Ciprian Ioan ROU
182 Cyclingoo Logo Dima, Emil ROU
183 Cyclingoo Logo Dobre, Vlad-Nicolae ROU
184 Cyclingoo Logo Onesti, Emanuele ITA
185 Cyclingoo Logo Sterbini, Simone ITA
186 Cyclingoo Logo Vulcan, Denis Marian ROU
187 Cyclingoo Logo Zurlo, Federico ITA
191 Image: Simone Ravannelli Ravannelli, Simone ITA
192 Image: Manuele Tarozzi Tarozzi, Manuele ITA
193 Cyclingoo Logo Cacciotti, Andrea ITA
194 Cyclingoo Logo Santoro, Antonio ITA
195 Cyclingoo Logo Corradini, Michele ITA
196 Cyclingoo Logo Grodzicki, Cezary ITA
197 Cyclingoo Logo Tizza, Marco ITA


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1962 and this edition is number 43

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

711 kms are covered in a total of 5 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 22-04-2019 in Kufstein and ends on 26-04-2019 in Bolzano/Bozen

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 132 cyclists and 20 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

Hors categorie (Various stages) 2.HC

What company or organizer manages it?

Gruppo Sportivo Alto Garda



Gruppo Sportivo Alto Garda






711 kms



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