Gran Premio Bruno Beghelli 2019

1 stages • 06-10-2019



stage 1

Monteveglio (ITA) -> Valmoggia (ITA)

06-10-2019 • 199.3 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Bauke Mollema Mollema, Bauke NED
2 Image: Julien Bernard Bernard, Julien FRA
3 Image: Nicola Conci Conci, Nicola ITA
4 Image: Michael Gogl Gogl, Michael AUT
5 Image: Matteo Moschetti Moschetti, Matteo ITA
6 Image: Jacopo Mosca Mosca, Jacopo ITA
7 Image: Toms Skujins Skujins, Toms LAT
11 Image: Koen Bouwman Bouwman, Koen NED
12 Image: Floris De Tier De Tier, Floris BEL
13 Image: Bert-jan Lindeman Lindeman, Bert-jan NED
14 Image: Neilson Powless Powless, Neilson USA
15 Image: Antwan Tolhoek Tolhoek, Antwan NED
16 Image: Jonas Vingegaard Vingegaard, Jonas DEN
17 Image: George Bennett Bennett, George NZL
21 Image: Esteban Chaves Rubio Chaves Rubio, Esteban COL
22 Image: Edoardo Affini Affini, Edoardo ITA
23 Image: Jack Haig Haig, Jack AUS
24 Image: Dion Smith Smith, Dion NZL
25 Image: Robert Stannard Stannard, Robert AUS
26 Image: Tsgabu Gebremaryam Grmay Grmay, Tsgabu Gebremaryam ETH
27 Image: Kaden Groves Groves, Kaden AUS
31 Image: Richard Antonio Carapaz Carapaz, Richard Antonio ECU
32 Image: Mikel Landa Landa, Mikel ESP
33 Cyclingoo Logo Betancur, Carlos Alberto COL
34 Image: Alejandro Valverde Valverde, Alejandro ESP
35 Cyclingoo Logo Prades, Eduard ESP
36 Image: Carlos Barbero Cuesta Barbero Cuesta, Carlos ESP
37 Image: Carlos Verona Verona, Carlos ESP
41 Image: Fernando Gaviria Gaviria, Fernando COL
42 Image: Nicolas Dalla Valle Dalla Valle, Nicolas ITA
43 Image: Roberto Ferrari Ferrari, Roberto ITA
44 Image: Marco Marcato Marcato, Marco ITA
45 Cyclingoo Logo Mori, Manuele ITA
46 Image: Rui Oliveira Oliveira, Rui POR
47 Image: Oliveiro Troia Troia, Oliveiro ITA
51 Image: William Bonnet Bonnet, William FRA
52 Image: David Gaudu Gaudu, David FRA
53 Image: Valentin Madouas Madouas, Valentin FRA
54 Image: Rudy Molard Molard, Rudy FRA
55 Image: Steve Morabito Morabito, Steve SUI
56 Image: Sébastien Reichenbach Reichenbach, Sébastien SUI
57 Image: Anthony Roux Roux, Anthony FRA
61 Image: Sacha Modolo Modolo, Sacha ITA
62 Image: Lachlan Morton Morton, Lachlan AUS
63 Image: Sep Vanmarcke Vanmarcke, Sep BEL
64 Cyclingoo Logo Walls, Matthew GBR
65 Image: Jonathan Caicedo Caicedo, Jonathan ECU
66 Image: Daniel  Mclay Mclay, Daniel GBR
67 Image: Julius Van Den Berg Van Den Berg, Julius NED
71 Image: Davide Ballerini Ballerini, Davide ITA
72 Image: Manuele Boaro Boaro, Manuele ITA
73 Cyclingoo Logo De Vreese, Laurens BEL
74 Image: Dario Cataldo Cataldo, Dario ITA
75 Image: Hugo Houle Houle, Hugo CAN
76 Image: Jakob Fuglsang Fuglsang, Jakob DEN
77 Image: Luis León Sánchez Sánchez, Luis León ESP
81 Image: Hubert Dupont Dupont, Hubert FRA
82 Image: Clément Chevrier Chevrier, Clément FRA
83 Image: Mikael Cherel Cherel, Mikael FRA
84 Image: Pierre-Roger Latour Latour, Pierre-Roger FRA
85 Image: Mathias Frank Frank, Mathias SUI
86 Image: Jaakko Hänninen Hänninen, Jaakko FIN
87 Image: Lawrence Warbasse Warbasse, Lawrence USA
91 Image: Sonny Colbrelli Colbrelli, Sonny ITA
93 Image: Yukiya Arashiro Arashiro, Yukiya JPN
94 Image: Phil Bauhaus Bauhaus, Phil GER
95 Image: Andrea Garosio Garosio, Andrea ITA
96 Image: Marcel Sieberg Sieberg, Marcel GER
97 Image: Iván García Cortina García Cortina, Iván ESP
101 Image: Egan Arley Bernal Bernal, Egan Arley COL
102 Cyclingoo Logo Basso, Leonardo ITA
104 Image: Tao Geoghegan Geoghegan, Tao GBR
105 Image: Gianni Moscon Moscon, Gianni ITA
106 Image: Iván Ramiro Sosa Sosa, Iván Ramiro COL
107 Image: Diego Rosa Rosa, Diego ITA
111 Image: Warren Barguil Barguil, Warren FRA
112 Cyclingoo Logo Doleatto, Aurélien FRA
113 Cyclingoo Logo Feillu, Brice FRA
114 Image: Elie Gesbert Gesbert, Elie FRA
115 Image: Romain Hardy Hardy, Romain FRA
116 Cyclingoo Logo Le Roux, Romain FRA
117 Cyclingoo Logo Maison, Jérémy FRA
121 Cyclingoo Logo Bartolozzi, Andrea ITA
122 Image: Lorenzo Fortunato Fortunato, Lorenzo ITA
123 Image: Davide Gabburo Gabburo, Davide ITA
124 Image: Umberto Marengo Marengo, Umberto ITA
125 Image: Alessandro Iacchi Iacchi, Alessandro ITA
126 Image: Sebastian Schönberger Schönberger, Sebastian AUT
127 Image: Simone Velasco Velasco, Simone ITA
131 Cyclingoo Logo De Clercq, Bart BEL
132 Image: Thomas Degand Degand, Thomas BEL
133 Image: Fabien Doubey Doubey, Fabien FRA
134 Image: Guillaume Martin Martin, Guillaume FRA
135 Image: Marinus Minnaard Minnaard, Marinus NED
136 Cyclingoo Logo Baugnies, Jerome BEL
137 Image: Andrea Pasqualon Pasqualon, Andrea ITA
141 Image: Joan Bou Company Bou Company, Joan ESP
142 Image: Marco Canola Canola, Marco ITA
143 Image: Sho Hatsuyama Hatsuyama, Sho JPN
144 Image: Giovanni Lonardi Lonardi, Giovanni ITA
145 Cyclingoo Logo Nakane, Hideto JPN
146 Cyclingoo Logo Osorio, Alejandro COL
147 Image: Nicola Bagioli Bagioli, Nicola ITA
151 Cyclingoo Logo Boev, Igor RUS
152 Cyclingoo Logo Kulikovskiy, Alexandr RUS
153 Cyclingoo Logo Nych, Artem RUS
154 Cyclingoo Logo Rikunov, Petr RUS
155 Cyclingoo Logo Shalunov, Evgeny RUS
156 Cyclingoo Logo Shilov, Sergey RUS
157 Cyclingoo Logo Kuriyanov, Stepan RUS
161 Image: Alexander Aranburu Aranburu, Alexander ESP
162 Image: Sergei Chernetskiy Chernetskiy, Sergei RUS
163 Image: Jon Aberasturi Izaga Aberasturi Izaga, Jon ESP
164 Image: Jonathan Lastra Martinez Lastra Martinez, Jonathan ESP
165 Cyclingoo Logo Irisarri, Jon ESP
166 Image: Cristian Rodríguez Martín Rodríguez Martín, Cristian ESP
167 Cyclingoo Logo Malucelli, Matteo ITA
171 Image: Vincenzo Albanese Albanese, Vincenzo ITA
172 Image: Enrico Barbin Barbin, Enrico ITA
173 Image: Francesco Romano Romano, Francesco ITA
174 Image: Lorenzo Rota Rota, Lorenzo ITA
175 Cyclingoo Logo Savini, Daniel ITA
176 Cyclingoo Logo Guardini, Andrea ITA
177 Cyclingoo Logo Orsini, Umberto ITA
181 Image: Manuel Belletti Belletti, Manuel ITA
182 Image: Mattia Bais Bais, Mattia ITA
183 Image: Marco Frapporti Frapporti, Marco ITA
184 Image: Francesco Gavazzi Gavazzi, Francesco ITA
185 Cyclingoo Logo Muñoz, Daniel COL
186 Image: Matteo Montaguti Montaguti, Matteo ITA
187 Image: Andrea Vendrame Vendrame, Andrea ITA
191 Cyclingoo Logo Ciuccarelli, Riccardo ITA
193 Cyclingoo Logo Graziato, Nicola ITA
194 Image: Fabio Mazzucco Mazzucco, Fabio ITA
195 Cyclingoo Logo Puccioni, Dario ITA
196 Cyclingoo Logo Pugi, Gianni ITA
197 Cyclingoo Logo Salvietti, Niccolo ITA
201 Cyclingoo Logo Appollonio, Davide ITA
202 Cyclingoo Logo Celano, Danilo ITA
203 Cyclingoo Logo Ficara, Pierpaolo ITA
204 Cyclingoo Logo Hishinuma, Yukinori JPN
205 Cyclingoo Logo Luksevics, Viesturs LAT
206 Cyclingoo Logo Meucci, Andrea ITA
211 Cyclingoo Logo Baroncini, Filippo ITA
212 Cyclingoo Logo Castaño Muñoz, Sebastian COL
213 Cyclingoo Logo ŠtoČek, Matúš SVK
214 Cyclingoo Logo Fiaschi, Tommaso ITA
215 Cyclingoo Logo Parisini, Nicolò ITA
216 Cyclingoo Logo Peña, Wilson Estiven COL
217 Cyclingoo Logo Pesenti, Thomas ITA
221 Cyclingoo Logo Meo, Felix James NZL
222 Cyclingoo Logo Double, Paul GBR
223 Cyclingoo Logo Duranti, Jalel ITA
225 Cyclingoo Logo Pierantozzi, Lucio ITA
226 Cyclingoo Logo Rocchetti, Filippo ITA
227 Cyclingoo Logo Toniatti, Andrea ITA
231 Cyclingoo Logo Dima, Emil ROU
232 Cyclingoo Logo Kobayashi, Marino JPN
233 Cyclingoo Logo Onesti, Emanuele ITA
234 Cyclingoo Logo Stacchiotti, Riccardo ITA
236 Cyclingoo Logo Zurlo, Federico ITA
241 Cyclingoo Logo Amici, Alberto ITA
242 Cyclingoo Logo Berzi, Andrea ITA
243 Cyclingoo Logo Bosini, Diego ITA
244 Cyclingoo Logo Menegotto, Jacopo ITA
245 Cyclingoo Logo Carboni, Matteo ITA
246 Cyclingoo Logo Colombo, Raul ITA
247 Image: Simone Ravannelli Ravannelli, Simone ITA


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1996 and this edition is number 24

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

199 kms are covered in a total of 1 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 06-10-2019 in Monteveglio and ends in Valmoggia

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 168 cyclists and 25 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

Hors categorie (One stage) 1.HC

What company or organizer manages it?







199 kms



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