Tour of the Alps 2022

5 stages • 18-04-2022 -> 22-04-2022

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stage 1

Cles (ITA) -> S. Martino di Castrozza (ITA)

18-04-2022 • 160.9 kms

stage 3

Lana (ITA) -> Niederdorf / Villabassa (ITA)

20-04-2022 • 154.6 kms

stage 5

Lienz (AUT) -> Lienz (AUT)

22-04-2022 • 115.9 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Pello Bilbao López De Armentia Bilbao López De Armentia, Pello ESP
2 Image: Santiago Buitrago Sánchez Buitrago Sánchez, Santiago COL
3 Image: Mikel Landa Landa, Mikel ESP
4 Image: Domen Novak Novak, Domen SLO
5 Image: Hermann Pernsteiner Pernsteiner, Hermann AUT
6 Image: Edoardo Zambanini Zambanini, Edoardo ITA
11 Image: Miguel Ángel López Moreno López Moreno, Miguel Ángel COL
12 Image: David De La Cruz De La Cruz, David ESP
13 Image: Joseph Lloyd Dombrowski Dombrowski, Joseph Lloyd USA
14 Image: Sebastian Henao Henao, Sebastian COL
15 Image: Yuriy Natarov Natarov, Yuriy KAZ
16 Image: Vadim Pronskiy Pronskiy, Vadim KAZ
17 Image: Fabio Felline Felline, Fabio ITA
21 Image: Andrey Amador Amador, Andrey CRC
22 Image: Edward Dunbar Dunbar, Edward IRL
23 Image: Richie Porte Porte, Richie AUS
24 Image: Salvatore Puccio Puccio, Salvatore ITA
25 Image: Brandon Smith Rivera Vargas Rivera Vargas, Brandon Smith COL
26 Image: Pavel Sivakov Sivakov, Pavel FRA
27 Image: Ben Swift Swift, Ben GBR
31 Image: Geoffrey Bouchard Bouchard, Geoffrey FRA
32 Image: Clément Berthet Berthet, Clément FRA
33 Image: Lilian Calmejane Calmejane, Lilian FRA
34 Image: Clement Champoussin Champoussin, Clement FRA
35 Image: Felix Gall Gall, Felix AUT
36 Image: Jaakko Hänninen Hänninen, Jaakko FIN
37 Image: Nicolas Prodhomme Prodhomme, Nicolas FRA
42 Image: Matteo Fabbro Fabbro, Matteo ITA
43 Image: Patrick Gamper Gamper, Patrick AUT
44 Image: Lennard Kämna Kämna, Lennard GER
45 Image: Anton Palzer Palzer, Anton GER
46 Image: Cian Uijtdebroeks Uijtdebroeks, Cian BEL
47 Image: Ben Zwiehoff Zwiehoff, Ben GER
51 Image: Jonathan Caicedo Caicedo, Jonathan ECU
52 Image: Hugh Carthy Carthy, Hugh GBR
53 Image: Esteban Chaves Rubio Chaves Rubio, Esteban COL
54 Image: Merhawi Kudus Kudus, Merhawi ERI
55 Image: Sean Quinn Quinn, Sean USA
61 Image: Thibaut Pinot Pinot, Thibaut FRA
62 Image: Matteo Badilatti Badilatti, Matteo SUI
63 Image: Michel Storer Storer, Michel AUS
64 Image: Attila Valter Valter, Attila HUN
66 Image: Lenny Martínez Martínez, Lenny FRA
67 Cyclingoo Logo Thompson, Reuben NZL
72 Image: Alessandro De Marchi De Marchi, Alessandro ITA
73 Image: Christopher Froome Froome, Christopher GBR
74 Image: Omer Goldshtein Goldshtein, Omer ISR
75 Image: Carl Fredrik Hagen Hagen, Carl Fredrik NOR
76 Image: Giacomo Nizzolo Nizzolo, Giacomo ITA
77 Image: James Piccoli Piccoli, James CAN
81 Image: Jorge Arcas Peña Arcas Peña, Jorge ESP
82 Image: William Barta Barta, William USA
83 Cyclingoo Logo González Rivera, Abner PRI
84 Cyclingoo Logo Rangel Costa, Vinicius BRA
85 Cyclingoo Logo Hollmannn, Juri GER
86 Image: José Joaquín Rojas Gil Rojas Gil, José Joaquín ESP
87 Image: Einer Rubio Reyes Rubio Reyes, Einer COL
91 Image: Thymen Arensman Arensman, Thymen NED
92 Image: Romain Bardet Bardet, Romain FRA
93 Image: Marco Brenner Brenner, Marco GER
95 Image: Chris Hamilton Hamilton, Chris AUS
96 Image: Max Poole Poole, Max GBR
97 Cyclingoo Logo Reinderink, Pepijn NED
101 Image: Enrico Battaglin Battaglin, Enrico ITA
102 Cyclingoo Logo Cañaveral Vargas, Johnatan COL
103 Image: Luca Covili Covili, Luca ITA
104 Cyclingoo Logo El Gouzi, Omar ITA
106 Image: Luca Rastelli Rastelli, Luca ITA
107 Image: Filippo Zana Zana, Filippo ITA
111 Image: Jonathan Lastra Martinez Lastra Martinez, Jonathan ESP
112 Image: Julen Amezqueta Moreno Amezqueta Moreno, Julen ESP
113 Image: Jefferson Cepeda Hernández Cepeda Hernández, Jefferson ECU
114 Cyclingoo Logo Johnston, Calum GBR
115 Cyclingoo Logo Pira Parada, Yesid COL
116 Image: Sergio Martín Galán Martín Galán, Sergio ESP
117 Cyclingoo Logo Calle Hurtado, Juan Fernando COL
121 Cyclingoo Logo Alba Bolivar, Juan Diego COL
122 Image: Mattia Bais Bais, Mattia ITA
123 Image: Alessandro Bisolti Bisolti, Alessandro ITA
124 Cyclingoo Logo Muñoz, Daniel COL
125 Image: Simone Ravannelli Ravannelli, Simone ITA
126 Image: Natnael Tesfatsion Tesfatsion, Natnael ERI
127 Image: Edoardo Zardini Zardini, Edoardo ITA
131 Image: Davide Bais Bais, Davide ITA
132 Image: Vincenzo Albanese Albanese, Vincenzo ITA
133 Image: Erik Fetter Fetter, Erik HUN
134 Cyclingoo Logo Dina, Márton HUN
135 Image: Edward Ravasi Ravasi, Edward ITA
136 Image: Alejandro Ropero Ropero, Alejandro ESP
137 Cyclingoo Logo Viegas, Daniel POR
141 Cyclingoo Logo Agirre Egaña, Jon ESP
142 Cyclingoo Logo Mendez Noreña, Daniel Alejandro COL
143 Cyclingoo Logo Araiz Michel, Sergio Néstor ESP
144 Cyclingoo Logo Arrieta Lizarraga, Igor ESP
145 Image: José Felix Parra Cuerda Parra Cuerda, José Felix ESP
146 Cyclingoo Logo Cobo Cayon, Iván ESP
147 Cyclingoo Logo López Fuentes, Diego ESP
151 Cyclingoo Logo Ballarin Manso, Iker ESP
152 Image: Mikel Bizkarra Bizkarra, Mikel ESP
153 Image: Joan Bou Company Bou Company, Joan ESP
154 Cyclingoo Logo Cuadrado Ruiz De Gauna, Unai ESP
155 Cyclingoo Logo Etxeberria Zafra, Asier ESP
156 Cyclingoo Logo Iribar, Unai ESP
157 Image: Mikel Iturria Iturria, Mikel ESP
161 Image: Niklas Eg Eg, Niklas DEN
162 Image: Torstein TrÆen TrÆen, Torstein NOR
163 Cyclingoo Logo Urianstad, Martin Bugge NOR
164 Cyclingoo Logo Holter, Ådne NOR
165 Cyclingoo Logo Kulset, Sindre NOR
166 Cyclingoo Logo Kulset, Magnus NOR
167 Image: Jonas Abrahamsen Abrahamsen, Jonas NOR
171 Image: Florian Lipowitz Lipowitz, Florian GER
172 Image: Felix Engelhardt Engelhardt, Felix GER
173 Cyclingoo Logo Mclain, Logan USA
174 Image: Karel Vacek Vacek, Karel CZE
175 Cyclingoo Logo Zangerle, Emanuel AUT
176 Cyclingoo Logo Rosner, Linus GER
177 Cyclingoo Logo Hörandtner, Moritz AUT


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1962 and this edition is number 45

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

727 kms are covered in a total of 5 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 18-04-2022 in Cles and ends on 22-04-2022 in Lienz

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 118 cyclists and 18 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

UCI Pro Series (Various stages) 2.Pro

What company or organizer manages it?

Gruppo Sportivo Alto Garda



Gruppo Sportivo Alto Garda






727 kms



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