Nokere Koerse 2024

1 stages • 13-03-2024

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stage 1

Deinze (BEL) -> Nokere (BEL)

13-03-2024 • 188.1 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Tim Merlier Merlier, Tim BEL
2 Cyclingoo Logo Huby, Antoine FRA
3 Image: Luke Lamperti Lamperti, Luke USA
4 Cyclingoo Logo Bastiaens, Ayco BEL
5 Cyclingoo Logo Reinderink, Pepijn NED
6 Image: Bert Van Lerberghe Van Lerberghe, Bert BEL
7 Cyclingoo Logo Vanden Heede, Lars BEL
11 Image: Jasper Philipsen Philipsen, Jasper BEL
12 Cyclingoo Logo Boven, Lars NED
13 Cyclingoo Logo Roesems, Siebe BEL
14 Image: Timo Kielich Kielich, Timo BEL
15 Image: Senne Leysen Leysen, Senne BEL
16 Image: Oscar Riesebeek Riesebeek, Oscar NED
17 Image: Jonas Rickaert Rickaert, Jonas BEL
21 Image: Gerben Thijssen Thijssen, Gerben BEL
22 Cyclingoo Logo Hannes, Victor BEL
23 Image: Madis Mihkels Mihkels, Madis EST
24 Cyclingoo Logo Planckaert, Baptiste BEL
25 Image: Dries De Pooter De Pooter, Dries BEL
26 Image: Boy Van Poppel Van Poppel, Boy NED
27 Image: Roel Van Sintmaartensdijk Van Sintmaartensdijk, Roel NED
31 Image: Jenthe Biermans Biermans, Jenthe BEL
32 Cyclingoo Logo Dauphin, Florian FRA
33 Image: David Dekker Dekker, David NED
34 Cyclingoo Logo Epis, Giosuè ITA
35 Image: Daniel  Mclay Mclay, Daniel GBR
36 Image: Michel Ries Ries, Michel LUX
37 Image: Alan Riou Riou, Alan FRA
41 Cyclingoo Logo Knight, Oliver GBR
42 Image: Stanislaw Aniolkowski Aniolkowski, Stanislaw POL
43 Cyclingoo Logo Fretin, Milan BEL
44 Cyclingoo Logo Mahoudo, Nolann FRA
45 Cyclingoo Logo Noppe, Christophe BEL
46 Image: Piet Allegaert Allegaert, Piet BEL
47 Image: Aimé De Gendt De Gendt, Aimé BEL
51 Image: Elia Viviani Viviani, Elia ITA
52 Image: Kim Alexander Heiduk Heiduk, Kim Alexander GER
53 Image: Ethan Hayter Hayter, Ethan GBR
54 Cyclingoo Logo Hayter, Leo GBR
55 Image: Cameron Wurf Wurf, Cameron AUS
56 Image: Ben Swift Swift, Ben GBR
57 Cyclingoo Logo August, Andrew USA
61 Image: Stefan Küng Küng, Stefan SUI
62 Image: Marc Sarreau Sarreau, Marc FRA
63 Cyclingoo Logo Le Huitouze, Eddy FRA
64 Image: Lewis Askey Askey, Lewis GBR
65 Image: Enzo Paleni Paleni, Enzo FRA
66 Cyclingoo Logo Walls, Matthew GBR
67 Cyclingoo Logo Fontaine, Titouan FRA
72 Image: Daan Hoole Hoole, Daan NED
73 Cyclingoo Logo Milan, Mateo ITA
74 Image: Simone Consonni Consonni, Simone ITA
75 Cyclingoo Logo Vacek, Mathias CZE
76 Image: Otto Vergaerde Vergaerde, Otto BEL
77 Cyclingoo Logo Teutenberg, Tim Torn BEL
81 Image: Fabio Jakobsen Jakobsen, Fabio NED
82 Cyclingoo Logo Ragilo, Frank Aron EST
83 Cyclingoo Logo Eddy, Patrick AUS
84 Image: Nils Eekhoff Eekhoff, Nils NED
85 Cyclingoo Logo Dorussen, Johan NED
86 Cyclingoo Logo Bittner, Pavel CZE
87 Image: Bram Welten Welten, Bram NED
91 Image: Tim Wellens Wellens, Tim BEL
92 Image: Mikkel Bjerg Bjerg, Mikkel DEN
93 Cyclingoo Logo Baroncini, Filippo ITA
94 Image: Alvaro Jose Hodeg Chagui Hodeg Chagui, Alvaro Jose COL
95 Cyclingoo Logo Guatibonza, Jonathan COL
96 Cyclingoo Logo Staes, Gibbe BEL
97 Cyclingoo Logo Vink, Michael NZL
101 Image: Milan Menten Menten, Milan BEL
102 Image: Sébastien Grignard Grignard, Sébastien BEL
103 Cyclingoo Logo Van De Wynkele, Lorenz BEL
104 Cyclingoo Logo Giddings, Joshua GBR
105 Cyclingoo Logo Segaert, Alec BEL
106 Cyclingoo Logo Slock, Liam BEL
107 Image: Thomas De Gendt De Gendt, Thomas BEL
111 Cyclingoo Logo Peyskens, Dimitri BEL
112 Cyclingoo Logo Reynders, Jens BEL
113 Cyclingoo Logo Van Der Beken, Aaron BEL
114 Cyclingoo Logo Oosterlinck, Joes BEL
115 Cyclingoo Logo Vandepitte, Nathan FRA
116 Cyclingoo Logo Vermoote, Jelle BEL
117 Cyclingoo Logo Salby, Alexander DEN
121 Cyclingoo Logo Maris, Elias BEL
122 Cyclingoo Logo Colman, Alex BEL
123 Cyclingoo Logo Dejaegher, Jasper BEL
124 Cyclingoo Logo Vandenstorme, Dylan BEL
125 Cyclingoo Logo Vanhoof, Ward BEL
126 Cyclingoo Logo Vandevelde, Yentl BEL
127 Cyclingoo Logo Vercouillie, Victor BEL
131 Image: Jon Aberasturi Izaga Aberasturi Izaga, Jon ESP
132 Cyclingoo Logo Berasategi, Xabier ESP
133 Cyclingoo Logo Fouché, James NZL
134 Cyclingoo Logo Isasa Larrañaga, Xabier ESP
135 Cyclingoo Logo López De Abetxuko, Andoni ESP
136 Image: Gotzon Martín Martín, Gotzon ESP
137 Cyclingoo Logo Zubeldia, Unai ESP
141 Image: Pascal Ackermann Ackermann, Pascal GER
142 Image: Hugo Hofstetter Hofstetter, Hugo FRA
143 Image: Michael Schwarzmann Schwarzmann, Michael GER
144 Cyclingoo Logo Kogut, Oded ISR
145 Image: Tom Van Asbroeck Van Asbroeck, Tom BEL
146 Cyclingoo Logo Watts, Kiaan NZL
147 Image: Rick Zabel Zabel, Rick GER
151 Image: Matteo Moschetti Moschetti, Matteo ITA
152 Cyclingoo Logo Christen, Fabio SUI
153 Cyclingoo Logo Monk, Cyrus AUS
154 Image: Szymon Sajnok Sajnok, Szymon POL
155 Image: Kamil Malecki Malecki, Kamil POL
156 Image: Rory Townsend Townsend, Rory IRL
157 Cyclingoo Logo Stedman, Travis RSA
161 Cyclingoo Logo Bendixen, Louis DEN
162 Image: Rasmus Tiller Tiller, Rasmus NOR
163 Cyclingoo Logo Blikra, Erlend NOR
164 Cyclingoo Logo Gudmestad, Tord NOR
165 Cyclingoo Logo Larsen, Niklas DEN
166 Cyclingoo Logo Levy, William DEN
167 Cyclingoo Logo Wallin, Rasmus Bogh DEN
171 Image: Arvid De Kleijn De Kleijn, Arvid NED
172 Cyclingoo Logo Brun, Nils SUI
173 Cyclingoo Logo Changizi, Sebastian DEN
174 Image: Tom Bohli Bohli, Tom SUI
175 Cyclingoo Logo Eriksson, Jacob SWE
176 Cyclingoo Logo Mikutis, Aivaras LTU
177 Image: Maikel Zijlaard Zijlaard, Maikel NED
181 Cyclingoo Logo Nielsen Stokbro, Andreas DEN
182 Cyclingoo Logo Stockman, Abram BEL
183 Cyclingoo Logo Geleijn, Owen NED
184 Cyclingoo Logo Johannink, Jelle NED
185 Cyclingoo Logo Kopecký, Tomáš CZE
186 Cyclingoo Logo Pedersen, Nicklas Amdi DEN
187 Cyclingoo Logo Huens, Axel FRA
191 Image: Timothy Dupont Dupont, Timothy BEL
192 Cyclingoo Logo De Poorter, Maxime BEL
193 Cyclingoo Logo Demeyere, Torsten BEL
194 Cyclingoo Logo Claeys, Robbe BEL
195 Cyclingoo Logo Joseph, Thomas BEL
196 Cyclingoo Logo Vandenbulcke, Alex BEL
197 Cyclingoo Logo Verwilt, Mauro BEL


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1944 and this edition is number 78

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

188.1 kms are covered in a total of 1 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 13-03-2024 in Deinze and ends in Nokere

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 139 cyclists and 22 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

UCI Pro Series (One stage) 1.Pro

What company or organizer manages it?







188.1 kms



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