Tour of Turkey 2018

6 stages • 09-10-2018 -> 14-10-2018

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stage 1

Konya (TUR) -> Konya (TUR)

09-10-2018 • 149.7 kms

stage 2

Alanya (TUR) -> Antalya (TUR)

10-10-2018 • 154.1 kms

stage 3

Fethiye (TUR) -> Marmaris (TUR)

11-10-2018 • 137.0 kms

stage 4

Marmaris (TUR) -> Selçuk (TUR)

12-10-2018 • 206.9 kms

stage 5

Selçuk (TUR) -> Manisa (TUR)

13-10-2018 • 136.5 kms

stage 6

Bursa (TUR) -> Istambul (TUR)

14-10-2018 • 166.0 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Diego Ulissi Ulissi, Diego ITA
2 Image: Sven Erik Byström Byström, Sven Erik NOR
3 Image: Simone Consonni Consonni, Simone ITA
4 Image: Valerio Conti Conti, Valerio ITA
5 Image: Kristijan Durasek Durasek, Kristijan HRV
6 Image: Vegard Stake Laengen Laengen, Vegard Stake NOR
7 Cyclingoo Logo Niemiec, Przemyslaw POL
11 Cyclingoo Logo Bizhigitov, Zhandos KAZ
12 Cyclingoo Logo Fominykh, Daniil KAZ
13 Cyclingoo Logo Gidich, Yevgeniy KAZ
14 Image: Alexey Lutsenko Lutsenko, Alexey KAZ
15 Cyclingoo Logo Moser, Moreno ITA
16 Cyclingoo Logo Tleubayev, Ruslan KAZ
17 Cyclingoo Logo Zakharov, Artyom KAZ
21 Image: Grega Bole Bole, Grega SLO
22 Image: Iván García Cortina García Cortina, Iván ESP
23 Image: Heinrich Haussler Haussler, Heinrich AUS
24 Cyclingoo Logo Navardauskas, Ramunas LTU
25 Image: Domen Novak Novak, Domen SLO
26 Image: Mark Padun Padun, Mark UKR
27 Cyclingoo Logo Per, David SLO
31 Image: Patrick Bevin Bevin, Patrick NZL
32 Image: Tom Bohli Bohli, Tom SUI
33 Image: Brent Bookwalter Bookwalter, Brent USA
34 Image: Jean Pierre Drucker Drucker, Jean Pierre LUX
35 Image: Kilian Frankiny Frankiny, Kilian SUI
36 Image: Nicolas Roche Roche, Nicolas IRL
37 Image: Danilo Wyss Wyss, Danilo SUI
41 Image: Sam Bennett Bennett, Sam IRL
42 Image: Maciej Bodnar Bodnar, Maciej POL
43 Image: Jay Mccarthy Mccarthy, Jay AUS
44 Cyclingoo Logo Pelucchi, Matteo ITA
45 Image: Lukas Pöstlberger Pöstlberger, Lukas AUT
46 Cyclingoo Logo Sagan, Juraj SVK
47 Cyclingoo Logo Saramotins, Aleksejs LAT
51 Image: Tim Declercq Declercq, Tim BEL
52 Image: Fernando Gaviria Gaviria, Fernando COL
53 Image: Alvaro Jose Hodeg Chagui Hodeg Chagui, Alvaro Jose COL
54 Image: Iljo Keisse Keisse, Iljo BEL
55 Image: James Knox Knox, James GBR
56 Image: Ariel Maxi Richeze Richeze, Ariel Maxi ARG
57 Image: Zdeněk Štybar Štybar, Zdeněk CZE
61 Cyclingoo Logo Belkov, Maxim RUS
62 Image: Steff Cras Cras, Steff BEL
63 Image: Matteo Fabbro Fabbro, Matteo ITA
64 Image: Nathan Haas Haas, Nathan AUS
66 Image: Reto Hollenstein Hollenstein, Reto SUI
67 Image: Mads Würtz Schmidt Schmidt, Mads Würtz DEN
71 Image: Nikias Arndt Arndt, Nikias GER
73 Cyclingoo Logo Fröhlinger, Johannes GER
74 Image: Laurens Ten Dam Ten Dam, Laurens NED
75 Image: Mike Teunissen Teunissen, Mike NED
76 Image: Edward Theuns Theuns, Edward BEL
77 Image: Louis Vervaeke Vervaeke, Louis BEL
81 Image: Koen De Kort De Kort, Koen NED
82 Image: John Degenkolb Degenkolb, John GER
83 Image: Fabio Felline Felline, Fabio ITA
84 Image: Tsgabu Gebremaryam Grmay Grmay, Tsgabu Gebremaryam ETH
85 Image: Rúben Guerreiro Guerreiro, Rúben POR
86 Image: Kiel Reijnen Reijnen, Kiel USA
87 Image: Boy Van Poppel Van Poppel, Boy NED
91 Image: Jetse Bol Bol, Jetse NED
92 Image: Oscar Cabedo Carda Cabedo Carda, Oscar ESP
93 Image: Jorge Cubero Cubero, Jorge ESP
94 Cyclingoo Logo Pimenta Costa, José Joao POR
95 Image: Diego Rubio Rubio, Diego ESP
96 Cyclingoo Logo Sessler, Nicolas BRA
97 Cyclingoo Logo Mitri, James NZL
101 Image: Sergio Pardilla Pardilla, Sergio ESP
102 Cyclingoo Logo Reis, Rafael POR
103 Cyclingoo Logo Irisarri, Jon ESP
104 Cyclingoo Logo Silva, Daniel POR
105 Image: Gonzalo Serrano Rodriguez Serrano Rodriguez, Gonzalo ESP
106 Cyclingoo Logo Ferrari, Fabricio URU
107 Cyclingoo Logo Zabala, Josu ESP
111 Image: Amaro Antunes Antunes, Amaro POR
112 Image: Pawel Bernas Bernas, Pawel POL
113 Image: Kamil Gradek Gradek, Kamil POL
114 Image: Michal Paluta Paluta, Michal POL
115 Image: Szymon Sajnok Sajnok, Szymon POL
116 Cyclingoo Logo Brozyna, Piotr POL
117 Cyclingoo Logo Cieslik, Pawel POL
121 Cyclingoo Logo Fernández Cruz, Delio ESP
122 Cyclingoo Logo Trarieux, Julien FRA
123 Cyclingoo Logo Jones, Brenton AUS
124 Cyclingoo Logo Mihaylov, Nikolay BUL
125 Cyclingoo Logo Kasperkiewicz, Przemyslaw POL
126 Cyclingoo Logo Moreno Bazán, Javier ESP
127 Cyclingoo Logo Finetto, Mauro ITA
131 Cyclingoo Logo Barrenetxea, Ander ESP
132 Cyclingoo Logo Aristi Gardoki, Mikel ESP
133 Cyclingoo Logo Sanz, Enrique ESP
134 Cyclingoo Logo Rodríguez, Sergio ESP
135 Cyclingoo Logo Prades, Eduard ESP
136 Image: Fernando Barceló Aragón Barceló Aragón, Fernando ESP
137 Cyclingoo Logo Txoperena, Beñat ESP
141 Cyclingoo Logo Rovny, Ivan RUS
142 Cyclingoo Logo Boev, Igor RUS
143 Cyclingoo Logo Kuriyanov, Stepan RUS
144 Cyclingoo Logo Kozontchuk, Dmitrii RUS
145 Cyclingoo Logo Trusov, Nikolay RUS
146 Cyclingoo Logo Shilov, Sergey RUS
147 Cyclingoo Logo Porsev, Alexander RUS
151 Cyclingoo Logo Duarte, Fabio COL
152 Cyclingoo Logo Sierra, Yecid COL
153 Cyclingoo Logo Aguirre Caipa, Ricardo COL
154 Cyclingoo Logo Reyes, Aldemar COL
155 Image: Jhojan  García García, Jhojan COL
156 Image: Ricardo Vilela Vilela, Ricardo POR
157 Cyclingoo Logo Orjuela, Fernando COL
161 Image: Aimé De Gendt De Gendt, Aimé BEL
162 Cyclingoo Logo Deltombe, Kevin BEL
163 Cyclingoo Logo Noppe, Christophe BEL
164 Cyclingoo Logo Sprengers, Thomas BEL
165 Cyclingoo Logo Van Gompel, Mathias BEL
166 Cyclingoo Logo Van Hecke, Preben BEL
167 Cyclingoo Logo Van Rooy, Kenneth BEL
171 Cyclingoo Logo Masson, Christophe FRA
172 Cyclingoo Logo Jules, Justin FRA
173 Image: Alex Kirsch Kirsch, Alex LUX
174 Cyclingoo Logo Lietaer, Eliot BEL
175 Cyclingoo Logo Mortier, Julien BEL
176 Cyclingoo Logo Peyskens, Dimitri BEL
177 Cyclingoo Logo Stassen, Julien BEL
181 Cyclingoo Logo Bevilacqua, Simone ITA
182 Cyclingoo Logo Coledan, Marco ITA
183 Cyclingoo Logo Pacioni, Luca ITA
184 Cyclingoo Logo Bertazzo, Liam ITA
185 Cyclingoo Logo Pozzato, Filippo ITA
186 Cyclingoo Logo Rosa, Massimo ITA
187 Cyclingoo Logo Zhupa, Eugert ALB
191 Cyclingoo Logo Örken, Armet TUR
192 Cyclingoo Logo Bakirci, Nazim TUR
193 Cyclingoo Logo Atalay, Muhammed TUR
194 Cyclingoo Logo Balkan, Onur TUR
195 Cyclingoo Logo Akdilek, Ahmet TUR
196 Cyclingoo Logo Samli, Ferit TUR
197 Cyclingoo Logo Sayar, Mustafa TUR


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1963 and this edition is number 56

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

950 kms are covered in a total of 6 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 09-10-2018 in Konya and ends on 14-10-2018 in Istambul

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 138 cyclists and 20 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

UCI World Tour (Various stages) 2.UWT

What company or organizer manages it?

Turkish Cycling Federation



Turkish Cycling Federation






950 kms



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