La Flèche Wallonne 2021

1 stages • 21-04-2021



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stage 1

Charleroi (BEL) -> Huy (BEL)

21-04-2021 • 192.0 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Marc Hirschi Hirschi, Marc SUI
2 Image: Tadej Pogačar Pogačar, Tadej SLO
3 Image: Rui Alberto Faria Da Costa Faria Da Costa, Rui Alberto POR
4 Image: Davide Formolo Formolo, Davide ITA
5 Image: Vegard Stake Laengen Laengen, Vegard Stake NOR
6 Image: Jan Polanc Polanc, Jan SLO
7 Image: Diego Ulissi Ulissi, Diego ITA
11 Image: Benoit Cosnefroy Cosnefroy, Benoit FRA
12 Image: Clement Champoussin Champoussin, Clement FRA
13 Image: Stan Dewulf Dewulf, Stan BEL
14 Image: Dorian Godon Godon, Dorian FRA
15 Image: Lawrence Naesen Naesen, Lawrence BEL
16 Image: Aurélien Paret Peintre Paret Peintre, Aurélien FRA
17 Image: Michael Schär Schär, Michael SUI
21 Image: Michael Woods Woods, Michael CAN
22 Image: Guillaume Boivin Boivin, Guillaume CAN
23 Image: Reto Hollenstein Hollenstein, Reto SUI
24 Image: Daryl Impey Impey, Daryl RSA
25 Image: Krists Neilands Neilands, Krists LAT
26 Image: James Piccoli Piccoli, James CAN
27 Image: Guy Sagiv Sagiv, Guy ISR
31 Image: Warren Barguil Barguil, Warren FRA
32 Image: Kevin Ledanois Ledanois, Kevin FRA
33 Image: Matis Louvel Louvel, Matis FRA
34 Image: Lukasz Owsian Owsian, Lukasz POL
35 Image: Laurent Pichon Pichon, Laurent FRA
36 Image: Alan Riou Riou, Alan FRA
37 Image: Diego Rosa Rosa, Diego ITA
41 Image: Sergio Higuita Higuita, Sergio COL
42 Image: Jonathan Caicedo Caicedo, Jonathan ECU
43 Image: Simon Carr Carr, Simon GBR
44 Image: Lawson Craddock Craddock, Lawson USA
45 Cyclingoo Logo Howes, Alex USA
46 Image: Michael Valgren Valgren, Michael DEN
47 Cyclingoo Logo Nakane, Hideto JPN
51 Image: Julian Alaphilippe Alaphilippe, Julian FRA
52 Image: Mattia Cattaneo Cattaneo, Mattia ITA
53 Image: Josef Cerny Cerny, Josef CZE
54 Image: Dries Devenyns Devenyns, Dries BEL
55 Image: Mikkel Frolich Honoré Frolich Honoré, Mikkel DEN
56 Image: James Knox Knox, James GBR
57 Image: Mauri Vansevenant Vansevenant, Mauri BEL
61 Image: Thomas Pidcock Pidcock, Thomas GBR
62 Image: Richard Antonio Carapaz Carapaz, Richard Antonio ECU
63 Image: Edward Dunbar Dunbar, Edward IRL
64 Image: Tao Geoghegan Geoghegan, Tao GBR
65 Image: Michal Kwiatkowski Kwiatkowski, Michal POL
66 Image: Luke Rowe Rowe, Luke GBR
67 Image: Adam Yates Yates, Adam GBR
71 Image: Maximilian Schachmann Schachmann, Maximilian GER
72 Image: Cesare Benedetti Benedetti, Cesare ITA
73 Image: Patrick Gamper Gamper, Patrick AUT
74 Image: Patrick Konrad Konrad, Patrick AUT
75 Image: Jordi Meeus Meeus, Jordi BEL
76 Image: Ide Schelling Schelling, Ide NED
77 Image: Andreas Schillinger Schillinger, Andreas GER
81 Image: Bauke Mollema Mollema, Bauke NED
82 Image: Julien Bernard Bernard, Julien FRA
83 Image: Nicola Conci Conci, Nicola ITA
84 Image: Niklas Eg Eg, Niklas DEN
85 Image: Alexander Kamp Kamp, Alexander DEN
86 Image: Juan Pedro López López, Juan Pedro ESP
87 Image: Toms Skujins Skujins, Toms LAT
91 Image: Guillaume Martin Martin, Guillaume FRA
92 Image: Fernando Barceló Aragón Barceló Aragón, Fernando ESP
93 Image: Rúben Fernández Fernández, Rúben ESP
94 Image: Simon Geschke Geschke, Simon GER
95 Image: Jesús Herrada Herrada, Jesús ESP
96 Image: Victor Lafay Lafay, Victor FRA
97 Image: Anthony Perez Perez, Anthony FRA
101 Image: David Gaudu Gaudu, David FRA
102 Image: Bruno Armirail Armirail, Bruno FRA
103 Image: William Bonnet Bonnet, William FRA
104 Image: Matthieu Ladagnous Ladagnous, Matthieu FRA
105 Image: Valentin Madouas Madouas, Valentin FRA
106 Image: Rudy Molard Molard, Rudy FRA
107 Image: Romain Seigle Seigle, Romain FRA
111 Image: Jelle Vanendert Vanendert, Jelle BEL
112 Image: Laurens Huys Huys, Laurens BEL
113 Image: Remy Mertz Mertz, Remy BEL
114 Cyclingoo Logo Molly, Kenny BEL
115 Cyclingoo Logo Paasschens, Mathijs NED
116 Cyclingoo Logo Paquot, Tom BEL
117 Cyclingoo Logo Wirtgen, Tom LUX
121 Image: Dylan Teuns Teuns, Dylan BEL
122 Image: Eros Capecchi Capecchi, Eros ITA
123 Image: Jack Haig Haig, Jack AUS
124 Image: Matej Mohoric Mohoric, Matej SLO
125 Image: Wouter Poels Poels, Wouter NED
126 Image: Jan Tratnik Tratnik, Jan SLO
127 Image: Stephen Williams Williams, Stephen GBR
131 Image: Michael Matthews Matthews, Michael AUS
132 Image: Brent Bookwalter Bookwalter, Brent USA
133 Image: Esteban Chaves Rubio Chaves Rubio, Esteban COL
134 Image: Tsgabu Gebremaryam Grmay Grmay, Tsgabu Gebremaryam ETH
135 Image: Christopher Juul-Jensen Juul-Jensen, Christopher DEN
136 Image: Barnabás Peák Peák, Barnabás HUN
137 Image: Robert Stannard Stannard, Robert AUS
141 Image: Jakob Fuglsang Fuglsang, Jakob DEN
142 Image: Alexander Aranburu Aranburu, Alexander ESP
143 Image: Samuele Battistella Battistella, Samuele ITA
144 Image: Stefan De Bod De Bod, Stefan RSA
145 Image: Omar Fraile Fraile, Omar ESP
146 Image: Hugo Houle Houle, Hugo CAN
147 Image: Alexey Lutsenko Lutsenko, Alexey KAZ
151 Image: Tim Wellens Wellens, Tim BEL
152 Image: Philippe Gilbert Gilbert, Philippe BEL
153 Image: Sébastien Grignard Grignard, Sébastien BEL
154 Image: Tomasz Marczynski Marczynski, Tomasz POL
155 Image: Sylvain Moniquet Moniquet, Sylvain BEL
156 Image: Stefano Oldani Oldani, Stefano ITA
157 Image: Tosh Van Der Sande Van Der Sande, Tosh BEL
161 Image: Louis Vervaeke Vervaeke, Louis BEL
162 Image: Floris De Tier De Tier, Floris BEL
163 Image: Jimmy Janssens Janssens, Jimmy BEL
164 Image: Xandro Meurisse Meurisse, Xandro BEL
165 Image: Kristian Sbaragli Sbaragli, Kristian ITA
166 Cyclingoo Logo Tulett, Daniel GBR
167 Cyclingoo Logo Walsleben, Philipp GER
171 Image: Fabio Aru Aru, Fabio ITA
172 Image: Sander Armée Armée, Sander BEL
173 Image: Sean Bennett Bennett, Sean USA
174 Image: Simon Clarke Clarke, Simon AUS
175 Image: Sergio Luis Henao Henao, Sergio Luis COL
176 Image: Bert-jan Lindeman Lindeman, Bert-jan NED
177 Image: Robert Power Power, Robert AUS
181 Image: Primoz Roglic Roglic, Primoz SLO
182 Image: Robert Gesink Gesink, Robert NED
183 Image: Lennard Hofstede Hofstede, Lennard NED
184 Image: Paul Martens Martens, Paul GER
185 Image: Sam Oomen Oomen, Sam NED
186 Image: Christoph Pfingsten Pfingsten, Christoph GER
187 Image: Jonas Vingegaard Vingegaard, Jonas DEN
191 Image: Alejandro Valverde Valverde, Alejandro ESP
192 Image: Jorge Arcas Peña Arcas Peña, Jorge ESP
193 Image: Iván García Cortina García Cortina, Iván ESP
194 Image: Matteo Jorgenson Jorgenson, Matteo USA
195 Image: Enric Mas Mas, Enric ESP
196 Image: Gonzalo Serrano Rodriguez Serrano Rodriguez, Gonzalo ESP
197 Image: Carlos Verona Verona, Carlos ESP
201 Image: Jan Bakelants Bakelants, Jan BEL
202 Image: Aimé De Gendt De Gendt, Aimé BEL
203 Image: Quinten Hermans Hermans, Quinten BEL
204 Cyclingoo Logo Lammertink, Maurits NED
205 Image: Lorenzo Rota Rota, Lorenzo ITA
206 Image: Kevin Van Melsen Van Melsen, Kevin BEL
207 Image: Loic Vliegen Vliegen, Loic BEL
211 Image: Andreas Leknessund Leknessund, Andreas NOR
212 Image: Thymen Arensman Arensman, Thymen NED
213 Image: Marco Brenner Brenner, Marco GER
214 Image: Mark Donovan Donovan, Mark GBR
215 Image: Chad Haga Haga, Chad USA
216 Image: Martijn Tusveld Tusveld, Martijn NED
217 Image: Ilan Van Wilder Van Wilder, Ilan BEL
221 Image: Roman Kreuziger Kreuziger, Roman CZE
222 Image: Marco Canola Canola, Marco ITA
223 Image: Sergei Chernetskiy Chernetskiy, Sergei RUS
224 Cyclingoo Logo Rikunov, Petr RUS
225 Cyclingoo Logo Rovny, Ivan RUS
226 Image: Dimitry Strakhov Strakhov, Dimitry RUS
227 Image: Simone Velasco Velasco, Simone ITA
231 Cyclingoo Logo Van Poucke, Aaron BEL
232 Cyclingoo Logo Colman, Alex BEL
233 Image: Rune Herregodts Herregodts, Rune BEL
234 Image: Arne Marit Marit, Arne BEL
235 Cyclingoo Logo Mertens, Julian BEL
236 Cyclingoo Logo Sprengers, Thomas BEL
237 Cyclingoo Logo Verwilst, Aaron BEL
241 Image: Biniam Girmay Girmay, Biniam ERI
242 Cyclingoo Logo Carisey, Clément FRA
243 Cyclingoo Logo Fedeli, Alessandro ITA
244 Cyclingoo Logo Fernández Cruz, Delio ESP
245 Cyclingoo Logo Finetto, Mauro ITA
246 Cyclingoo Logo Jensen, August NOR
247 Image: Mathias Le Turnier Le Turnier, Mathias FRA


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1936 and this edition is number 85

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

192 kms are covered in a total of 1 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 21-04-2021 in Charleroi and ends in Huy

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 175 cyclists and 25 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

UCI World Tour (One stage) 1.UWT

What company or organizer manages it?










192 kms



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