Tour of Andalusia 2019

5 stages • 20-02-2019 -> 24-02-2019

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stage 2

Sevilla (ESP) -> Torredonjimeno (ESP)

21-02-2019 • 216.5 kms

stage 3

Mancha Real (ESP) -> La Guardia de Jaén (ESP)

22-02-2019 • 16.3 kms

stage 4

Armilla (ESP) -> Granada (ESP)

23-02-2019 • 119.9 kms

stage 5

Otura (ESP) -> Alhaurín de la Torre (ESP)

24-02-2019 • 163.9 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Tim Wellens Wellens, Tim BEL
2 Image: Tomasz Marczynski Marczynski, Tomasz POL
3 Image: Remy Mertz Mertz, Remy BEL
4 Image: Tosh Van Der Sande Van Der Sande, Tosh BEL
5 Image: Jelle Vanendert Vanendert, Jelle BEL
6 Image: Harm Vanhoucke Vanhoucke, Harm BEL
7 Cyclingoo Logo Wouters, Enzo GER
11 Image: José Joaquín Rojas Gil Rojas Gil, José Joaquín ESP
12 Image: Carlos Barbero Cuesta Barbero Cuesta, Carlos ESP
13 Image: Héctor Carretero Carretero, Héctor ESP
14 Cyclingoo Logo Roelandts, Jurgen BEL
15 Cyclingoo Logo Prades, Eduard ESP
16 Image: Rafael Valls Valls, Rafael ESP
17 Image: Carlos Verona Verona, Carlos ESP
21 Image: Luis León Sánchez Sánchez, Luis León ESP
22 Image: Dario Cataldo Cataldo, Dario ITA
23 Cyclingoo Logo De Vreese, Laurens BEL
24 Image: Jakob Fuglsang Fuglsang, Jakob DEN
25 Image: Ion Izaguirre Izaguirre, Ion ESP
26 Image: Pello Bilbao López De Armentia Bilbao López De Armentia, Pello ESP
27 Image: Andrey Zeits Zeits, Andrey KAZ
31 Image: Steven Kruijswijk Kruijswijk, Steven NED
32 Image: Sepp Kuss Kuss, Sepp USA
33 Cyclingoo Logo Olivier, Daan NED
34 Image: Danny Van Poppel Van Poppel, Danny NED
35 Image: Jonas Vingegaard Vingegaard, Jonas DEN
36 Image: Pascal Eenkhoorn Eenkhoorn, Pascal NED
37 Image: Antwan Tolhoek Tolhoek, Antwan NED
41 Image: Simon Yates Yates, Simon GBR
42 Image: Esteban Chaves Rubio Chaves Rubio, Esteban COL
43 Image: Jack Haig Haig, Jack AUS
44 Image: Mikel Nieve Nieve, Mikel ESP
45 Image: Matteo Trentin Trentin, Matteo ITA
46 Image: Adam Yates Yates, Adam GBR
47 Image: Edoardo Affini Affini, Edoardo ITA
51 Image: Matej Mohoric Mohoric, Matej SLO
52 Image: Iván García Cortina García Cortina, Iván ESP
53 Image: Valerio Agnoli Agnoli, Valerio ITA
54 Image: Mark Padun Padun, Mark UKR
55 Image: Luka Pibernik Pibernik, Luka SLO
56 Image: Dylan Teuns Teuns, Dylan BEL
57 Image: Grega Bole Bole, Grega SLO
61 Cyclingoo Logo Sprengers, Thomas BEL
62 Cyclingoo Logo Willems, Thimo BEL
63 Cyclingoo Logo Verwilst, Aaron BEL
64 Image: Edward Planckaert Planckaert, Edward BEL
65 Cyclingoo Logo Warlop, Jordi BEL
66 Cyclingoo Logo Deltombe, Kevin BEL
67 Image: Dries Van Gestel Van Gestel, Dries BEL
71 Cyclingoo Logo De Winter, Ludwig BEL
72 Image: Odd Christian Eiking Eiking, Odd Christian NOR
73 Image: Wesley Kreder Kreder, Wesley NED
74 Image: Guillaume Martin Martin, Guillaume FRA
75 Image: Andrea Pasqualon Pasqualon, Andrea ITA
76 Image: Kevin Van Melsen Van Melsen, Kevin BEL
77 Cyclingoo Logo Vanspeybrouck, Pieter BEL
81 Cyclingoo Logo Cherkasov, Nikolai RUS
82 Cyclingoo Logo Kulikovskiy, Alexandr RUS
83 Cyclingoo Logo Rikunov, Petr RUS
84 Cyclingoo Logo Rovny, Ivan RUS
85 Cyclingoo Logo Rybalkin, Aleksei RUS
86 Cyclingoo Logo Shalunov, Evgeny RUS
87 Image: Aleksandr Vlasov Vlasov, Aleksandr RUS
91 Cyclingoo Logo Boom, Lars NED
92 Cyclingoo Logo De Bie, Sean BEL
93 Cyclingoo Logo Van Der Lijke, Nick NED
94 Cyclingoo Logo Van Staeyen, Michael BEL
95 Cyclingoo Logo De Witte, Mathias BEL
96 Image: Oscar Riesebeek Riesebeek, Oscar NED
97 Image: Elmar Reinders Reinders, Elmar NED
101 Image: Jonathan Lastra Martinez Lastra Martinez, Jonathan ESP
102 Image: Cristian Rodríguez Martín Rodríguez Martín, Cristian ESP
103 Cyclingoo Logo Cañellas, Xavier ESP
104 Image: David González González, David ESP
105 Cyclingoo Logo Soto Martinez, Nelson Andres COL
106 Cyclingoo Logo Banaszek, Alan POL
107 Image: Alvaro Cuadros Morata Cuadros Morata, Alvaro ESP
111 Cyclingoo Logo Ermenault, Corentin FRA
112 Cyclingoo Logo Fournier, Marc FRA
113 Cyclingoo Logo De Backer, Bert BEL
114 Cyclingoo Logo Lammertink, Maurits NED
115 Image: Lorenzo Manzin Manzin, Lorenzo FRA
116 Image: Jeremy Lecroq Lecroq, Jeremy FRA
117 Image: Jonas Vangenechten Vangenechten, Jonas BEL
121 Cyclingoo Logo Anderson, Ryan CAN
122 Cyclingoo Logo Carpenter, Robin USA
123 Cyclingoo Logo Oronte, Emerson USA
124 Cyclingoo Logo Joyce, Colin USA
125 Cyclingoo Logo Mannion, Gavin USA
126 Cyclingoo Logo Murphy, Kyle USA
127 Cyclingoo Logo Tuft, Svein CAN
131 Cyclingoo Logo Moser, Moreno ITA
132 Image: Joan Bou Company Bou Company, Joan ESP
133 Image: Marco Canola Canola, Marco ITA
134 Image: Sho Hatsuyama Hatsuyama, Sho JPN
135 Image: Juan José Lobato Lobato, Juan José ESP
136 Image: Nicola Bagioli Bagioli, Nicola ITA
137 Cyclingoo Logo Cima, Imerio ITA
141 Image: Manuel Belletti Belletti, Manuel ITA
142 Image: Mattia Cattaneo Cattaneo, Mattia ITA
143 Image: Marco Frapporti Frapporti, Marco ITA
144 Image: Francesco Gavazzi Gavazzi, Francesco ITA
145 Image: Fausto Masnada Masnada, Fausto ITA
146 Image: Matteo Montaguti Montaguti, Matteo ITA
147 Cyclingoo Logo Viel, Mattia ITA
151 Image: Vincenzo Albanese Albanese, Vincenzo ITA
152 Image: Giovanni Carboni Carboni, Giovanni ITA
153 Cyclingoo Logo Orsini, Umberto ITA
154 Cyclingoo Logo Pessot, Alessandro ITA
155 Image: Lorenzo Rota Rota, Lorenzo ITA
156 Image: Alessandro Tonelli Tonelli, Alessandro ITA
157 Image: Luca Covili Covili, Luca ITA
161 Image: Óscar Rodríguez Rodríguez, Óscar ESP
162 Cyclingoo Logo Bravo, Garikoitz ESP
163 Image: Mikel Iturria Iturria, Mikel ESP
164 Cyclingoo Logo López-Cózar, Juan Antonio ESP
165 Image: Cyril Barthe Barthe, Cyril FRA
166 Image: Sergio Samitier Samitier Samitier Samitier, Sergio ESP
167 Cyclingoo Logo Sanz, Enrique ESP
171 Cyclingoo Logo Neves Fernandes, José POR
172 Image: Jetse Bol Bol, Jetse NED
173 Image: Diego Rubio Rubio, Diego ESP
174 Image: Ricardo Vilela Vilela, Ricardo POR
175 Cyclingoo Logo López, Daniel ESP
176 Image: Jorge Cubero Cubero, Jorge ESP
177 Image: Ángel Madrazo Madrazo, Ángel ESP
181 Image: Ibai Azurmendi Sagastibeltza Azurmendi Sagastibeltza, Ibai ESP
182 Image: Dzmitry Zhyhunou Zhyhunou, Dzmitry BLR
183 Image: Gotzon Martín Martín, Gotzon ESP
184 Cyclingoo Logo Juaristi Arrieta, Txomin ESP
185 Image: Sergio Higuita Higuita, Sergio COL
186 Image: Antonio Jesus Soto Guirao Soto Guirao, Antonio Jesus ESP
187 Cyclingoo Logo Cuadrado Ruiz De Gauna, Unai ESP


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1925 and this edition is number 65

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

687 kms are covered in a total of 5 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 20-02-2019 in Sanlúcar De Barrameda and ends on 24-02-2019 in Alhaurín de la Torre

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 133 cyclists and 19 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

Hors categorie (Various stages) 2.HC

What company or organizer manages it?










687 kms



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