Tour of Britain 2023

8 stages • 03-09-2023 -> 10-09-2023

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stage 1

Altrincham (GBR) -> Manchester (GBR)

03-09-2023 • 163.6 kms

stage 2

Wrexham (GBR) -> Wrexham (GBR)

04-09-2023 • 109.9 kms

stage 3

Goole (GBR) -> Beverley (GBR)

05-09-2023 • 154.7 kms

stage 4

Sherwood Forest (GBR) -> Newark-on-Trent (GBR)

06-09-2023 • 166.6 kms

stage 5

Felixstowe (GBR) -> Felixstowe (GBR)

07-09-2023 • 192.4 kms

stage 6

Southend-on-Sea (GBR) -> Harlow (GBR)

08-09-2023 • 146.2 kms

stage 7

Tewkesbury (GBR) -> Gloucester (GBR)

09-09-2023 • 170.9 kms

stage 8

Margam Country Park (GBR) -> Caerphilly (GBR)

10-09-2023 • 166.8 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Gonzalo Serrano Rodriguez Serrano Rodriguez, Gonzalo ESP
2 Image: Fernando Gaviria Gaviria, Fernando COL
3 Image: Carlos Verona Verona, Carlos ESP
4 Image: Max Kanter Kanter, Max GER
5 Image: Gregor Mühlberger Mühlberger, Gregor AUT
6 Image: Óscar Rodríguez Rodríguez, Óscar ESP
11 Image: Thomas Pidcock Pidcock, Thomas GBR
12 Image: Carlos Rodríguez Cano Rodríguez Cano, Carlos ESP
13 Image: Luke Rowe Rowe, Luke GBR
14 Image: Connor Swift Swift, Connor GBR
15 Image: Magnus Sheffield Sheffield, Magnus USA
16 Image: Ben Turner Turner, Ben GBR
21 Image: Floris De Tier De Tier, Floris BEL
22 Cyclingoo Logo Meens, Johan BEL
23 Cyclingoo Logo Persico, Davide ITA
24 Cyclingoo Logo Peyskens, Dimitri BEL
25 Cyclingoo Logo Teugels, Lennert BEL
26 Cyclingoo Logo Salby, Alexander DEN
31 Image: Ethan Vernon Vernon, Ethan GBR
32 Cyclingoo Logo Brough, Jack GBR
33 Cyclingoo Logo Giddings, Joshua GBR
34 Cyclingoo Logo Hobbs, Noah GBR
35 Cyclingoo Logo Wood, Oliver GBR
36 Image: Stephen Williams Williams, Stephen GBR
41 Image: Sam Bennett Bennett, Sam IRL
42 Image: Ryan Mullen Mullen, Ryan IRL
43 Image: Nils Politt Politt, Nils GER
44 Cyclingoo Logo Walls, Matthew GBR
45 Image: Ide Schelling Schelling, Ide NED
46 Image: Danny Van Poppel Van Poppel, Danny NED
51 Cyclingoo Logo Scott, Jacob GBR
52 Cyclingoo Logo Bostock, Matthew GBR
53 Cyclingoo Logo Fouché, James NZL
54 Cyclingoo Logo Christensen, Ryan NZL
55 Image: Mark Stewart Stewart, Mark GBR
56 Image: Rory Townsend Townsend, Rory IRL
61 Cyclingoo Logo Sessler, Nicolas BRA
62 Cyclingoo Logo Ballabio, Giacomo ITA
63 Cyclingoo Logo Koyama, Tomoya JPN
64 Cyclingoo Logo Russell, Evan CAN
65 Cyclingoo Logo Ormiston, Callum RSA
66 Cyclingoo Logo Wirtgen, Tom LUX
71 Image: Wout Van Aert Van Aert, Wout BEL
72 Image: Edoardo Affini Affini, Edoardo ITA
73 Image: Steven Kruijswijk Kruijswijk, Steven NED
74 Image: Olav Kooij Kooij, Olav NED
75 Image: Jos Van Emden Van Emden, Jos NED
76 Image: Nathan Van Hooydonck Van Hooydonck, Nathan BEL
81 Image: Roger Adrià Oliveras Adrià Oliveras, Roger ESP
82 Cyclingoo Logo Arrieta Lizarraga, Igor ESP
83 Cyclingoo Logo Elosegui Momeñe, Iñigo ESP
84 Image: José Felix Parra Cuerda Parra Cuerda, José Felix ESP
85 Cyclingoo Logo Ruiz Sedano, Ibon ESP
86 Cyclingoo Logo Van Der Tuuk, Danny NED
91 Cyclingoo Logo Richardson, Alexander GBR
92 Cyclingoo Logo Birchill, Harry GBR
93 Cyclingoo Logo Crockett, Finn GBR
94 Cyclingoo Logo Kyffin, Zeb GBR
95 Cyclingoo Logo Rootkin-Gray, Jack GBR
96 Cyclingoo Logo Tidball, William GBR
101 Image: Tobias Lund Andresen Andresen, Tobias Lund DEN
102 Image: Patrick Bevin Bevin, Patrick NZL
103 Cyclingoo Logo Leijnse, Enzo NED
104 Image: Niklas Märkl Märkl, Niklas GER
105 Cyclingoo Logo Naberman, Tim NED
106 Cyclingoo Logo Van Uden, Casper NED
111 Image: Mark Donovan Donovan, Mark GBR
112 Image: Damien Howson Howson, Damien AUS
113 Image: Kamil Malecki Malecki, Kamil POL
114 Cyclingoo Logo Parisini, Nicolò ITA
115 Image: Joseph Rosskopf Rosskopf, Joseph USA
116 Image: Szymon Sajnok Sajnok, Szymon POL
121 Image: Harry Tanfield Tanfield, Harry GBR
122 Cyclingoo Logo Bloem, Joren NED
123 Cyclingoo Logo Bomboi, Davide BEL
124 Cyclingoo Logo Budding, Martijn NED
125 Cyclingoo Logo Stockman, Abram BEL
126 Cyclingoo Logo De Vries, Hartthijs NED
131 Cyclingoo Logo Bonneu, Kamiel BEL
132 Cyclingoo Logo De Pestel, Sander BEL
133 Cyclingoo Logo Fretin, Milan BEL
134 Cyclingoo Logo Maris, Elias BEL
135 Cyclingoo Logo Vanhoof, Ward BEL
136 Cyclingoo Logo Colman, Alex BEL
141 Image: Luke Lamperti Lamperti, Luke USA
142 Cyclingoo Logo Donaldson, Robert GBR
143 Cyclingoo Logo Johnston, Liam AUS
144 Cyclingoo Logo Magnier, Paul FRA
145 Cyclingoo Logo Rees, Oliver GBR
146 Cyclingoo Logo Walker, Max GBR
151 Cyclingoo Logo Fredheim, Stian NOR
152 Cyclingoo Logo Dversnes, Fredrik NOR
153 Cyclingoo Logo Gudmestad, Tord NOR
154 Image: Tobias Halland Johannessen Johannessen, Tobias Halland NOR
155 Image: Rasmus Tiller Tiller, Rasmus NOR
156 Cyclingoo Logo Urianstad, Martin Bugge NOR


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1945 and this edition is number 19

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

1271 kms are covered in a total of 8 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 03-09-2023 in Altrincham and ends on 10-09-2023 in Caerphilly

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 96 cyclists and 16 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

UCI Pro Series (Various stages) 2.Pro

What company or organizer manages it?










1271 kms



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