Dauphiné 2023

8 stages • 04-06-2023 -> 11-06-2023



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stage 1

Chambon-sur-lac (FRA) -> Chambon-sur-lac (FRA)

04-06-2023 • 158.0 kms

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stage 2

Brassac-Les-Mines (FRA) -> La Chaise-Dieu (FRA)

05-06-2023 • 167.5 kms

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stage 3

Monistrol-Sur-Loire (FRA) -> Le Coteau (FRA)

06-06-2023 • 194.5 kms

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stage 4

Cours (FRA) -> Belmont-de-la-Loire (FRA)

07-06-2023 • 31.1 kms

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stage 6

Nantua (FRA) -> Crest-Voland (FRA)

09-06-2023 • 168.2 kms

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stage 8

Le Pont-de-Claix (FRA) -> La Bastille (FRA)

11-06-2023 • 153.0 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Jonas Vingegaard Vingegaard, Jonas DEN
2 Image: Tiesj Benoot Benoot, Tiesj BEL
3 Image: Steven Kruijswijk Kruijswijk, Steven NED
4 Image: Christophe Laporte Laporte, Christophe FRA
5 Image: Attila Valter Valter, Attila HUN
6 Image: Dylan Van Baarle Van Baarle, Dylan NED
7 Image: Nathan Van Hooydonck Van Hooydonck, Nathan BEL
11 Image: Ben O'Connor O'Connor, Ben AUS
12 Image: Franck Bonnamour Bonnamour, Franck FRA
13 Image: Geoffrey Bouchard Bouchard, Geoffrey FRA
14 Image: Dorian Godon Godon, Dorian FRA
15 Image: Oliver Naesen Naesen, Oliver BEL
16 Image: Nans Peters Peters, Nans FRA
17 Image: Greg Van Avermaet Van Avermaet, Greg BEL
21 Image: Mikel Landa Landa, Mikel ESP
22 Image: Matevz Govekar Govekar, Matevz SLO
23 Image: Kamil Gradek Gradek, Kamil POL
24 Image: Jack Haig Haig, Jack AUS
25 Image: Hermann Pernsteiner Pernsteiner, Hermann AUT
26 Image: Alfred Wright Wright, Alfred GBR
27 Image: Edoardo Zambanini Zambanini, Edoardo ITA
31 Image: Egan Arley Bernal Bernal, Egan Arley COL
32 Image: Jonathan Castroviejo Castroviejo, Jonathan ESP
33 Image: Omar Fraile Fraile, Omar ESP
34 Image: Ethan Hayter Hayter, Ethan GBR
35 Image: Daniel Felipe Martínez Poveda Martínez Poveda, Daniel Felipe COL
36 Image: Carlos Rodríguez Cano Rodríguez Cano, Carlos ESP
37 Image: Ben Turner Turner, Ben GBR
41 Image: Jai Hindley Hindley, Jai AUS
42 Image: Sam Bennett Bennett, Sam IRL
43 Image: Emanuel Buchmann Buchmann, Emanuel GER
44 Image: Patrick Gamper Gamper, Patrick AUT
45 Image: Ryan Mullen Mullen, Ryan IRL
46 Image: Nils Politt Politt, Nils GER
47 Image: Danny Van Poppel Van Poppel, Danny NED
51 Image: Julian Alaphilippe Alaphilippe, Julian FRA
52 Image: Andrea Bagioli Bagioli, Andrea ITA
53 Image: Rémi Cavagna Cavagna, Rémi FRA
54 Image: Dries Devenyns Devenyns, Dries BEL
55 Image: Florian Sénéchal Sénéchal, Florian FRA
56 Image: Mauri Vansevenant Vansevenant, Mauri BEL
57 Image: Ethan Vernon Vernon, Ethan GBR
61 Image: David Gaudu Gaudu, David FRA
62 Image: Kevin Geniets Geniets, Kevin LUX
63 Image: Matthieu Ladagnous Ladagnous, Matthieu FRA
64 Image: Olivier Le Gac Le Gac, Olivier FRA
65 Image: Valentin Madouas Madouas, Valentin FRA
66 Image: Lenny Martínez Martínez, Lenny FRA
67 Cyclingoo Logo Thompson, Reuben NZL
71 Image: Richard Antonio Carapaz Carapaz, Richard Antonio ECU
72 Image: Andrey Amador Amador, Andrey CRC
73 Image: Esteban Chaves Rubio Chaves Rubio, Esteban COL
74 Image: Owain Doull Doull, Owain GBR
75 Image: Andrea Piccolo Piccolo, Andrea ITA
76 Image: Sean Quinn Quinn, Sean USA
77 Image: James Shaw Shaw, James GBR
81 Image: Louis Meintjes Meintjes, Louis RSA
82 Image: Rune Herregodts Herregodts, Rune BEL
83 Image: Madis Mihkels Mihkels, Madis EST
84 Image: Hugo Page Page, Hugo FRA
85 Cyclingoo Logo Paquot, Tom BEL
86 Image: Rein Taaramäe Taaramäe, Rein EST
87 Image: Georg Zimmermann Zimmermann, Georg GER
91 Image: Enric Mas Mas, Enric ESP
92 Image: Jorge Arcas Peña Arcas Peña, Jorge ESP
93 Image: Matteo Jorgenson Jorgenson, Matteo USA
94 Image: Gregor Mühlberger Mühlberger, Gregor AUT
95 Image: Nelson Filipe Oliveira Oliveira, Nelson Filipe POR
96 Image: Antonio Pedrero López Pedrero López, Antonio ESP
97 Image: Sergio Samitier Samitier Samitier Samitier, Sergio ESP
101 Image: Giulio Ciccone Ciccone, Giulio ITA
102 Image: Jon Aberasturi Izaga Aberasturi Izaga, Jon ESP
103 Image: Kenny Elissonde Elissonde, Kenny FRA
104 Cyclingoo Logo Hoelgaard, Markus NOR
105 Image: Juan Pedro López López, Juan Pedro ESP
106 Image: Natnael Tesfatsion Tesfatsion, Natnael ERI
107 Image: Antwan Tolhoek Tolhoek, Antwan NED
111 Image: Adam Yates Yates, Adam GBR
112 Image: Ivo Oliveira Oliveira, Ivo POR
113 Image: Mikkel Bjerg Bjerg, Mikkel DEN
114 Image: Felix Grossschartner Grossschartner, Felix AUT
115 Image: Vegard Stake Laengen Laengen, Vegard Stake NOR
116 Image: Rafal Majka Majka, Rafal POL
117 Image: Matteo Trentin Trentin, Matteo ITA
121 Image: Guillaume Martin Martin, Guillaume FRA
122 Image: Eddy Fine Fine, Eddy FRA
123 Image: Anthony Perez Perez, Anthony FRA
124 Image: Pierre-Luc Perichon Perichon, Pierre-Luc FRA
125 Image: Benjamin Thomas Thomas, Benjamin FRA
126 Image: Harrison Wood Wood, Harrison GBR
127 Image: Axel Zingle Zingle, Axel FRA
131 Image: Tobias Halland Johannessen Johannessen, Tobias Halland NOR
132 Cyclingoo Logo Urianstad, Martin Bugge NOR
133 Image: Anthon Charmig Charmig, Anthon DEN
134 Cyclingoo Logo Dversnes, Fredrik NOR
135 Cyclingoo Logo Johannessen, Anders Halland NOR
136 Image: Torstein TrÆen TrÆen, Torstein NOR
137 Image: Jonas Gregaard Wilsly Gregaard Wilsly, Jonas DEN
141 Image: Maxim Van Gils Van Gils, Maxim BEL
142 Image: Victor Campenaerts Campenaerts, Victor BEL
143 Image: Thomas De Gendt De Gendt, Thomas BEL
144 Image: Milan Menten Menten, Milan BEL
145 Image: Eduardo Sepulveda Sepulveda, Eduardo ARG
146 Image: Harrison Sweeny Sweeny, Harrison AUS
147 Image: Brent Van Moer Van Moer, Brent BEL
151 Image: Dylan Groenewegen Groenewegen, Dylan NED
152 Image: Lawson Craddock Craddock, Lawson USA
153 Image: Luke Durbridge Durbridge, Luke AUS
154 Image: Tsgabu Gebremaryam Grmay Grmay, Tsgabu Gebremaryam ETH
155 Image: Chris Harper Harper, Chris AUS
156 Cyclingoo Logo Porter, Rudy AUS
157 Image: Elmar Reinders Reinders, Elmar NED
161 Image: Pierre-Roger Latour Latour, Pierre-Roger FRA
162 Image: Edvald Boasson-Hagen Boasson-Hagen, Edvald NOR
163 Image: Mathieu Burgaudeau Burgaudeau, Mathieu FRA
164 Image: Steff Cras Cras, Steff BEL
165 Image: Fabien Grellier Grellier, Fabien FRA
166 Cyclingoo Logo Vercher, Mattéo FRA
167 Image: Alexis Vuillermoz Vuillermoz, Alexis FRA
171 Image: Marco Brenner Brenner, Marco GER
172 Image: Romain Combaud Combaud, Romain FRA
173 Image: Leon Heinschke Heinschke, Leon GER
174 Image: Lorenzo Milesi Milesi, Lorenzo ITA
175 Image: Oscar Onley Onley, Oscar GBR
176 Image: Max Poole Poole, Max GBR
177 Image: Florian Stork Stork, Florian GER
181 Image: Jason Osborne Osborne, Jason GER
182 Image: Tobias Bayer Bayer, Tobias AUT
183 Image: Nicola Conci Conci, Nicola ITA
184 Image: Jimmy Janssens Janssens, Jimmy BEL
185 Image: Robert Stannard Stannard, Robert AUS
186 Image: Lionel Taminiaux Taminiaux, Lionel BEL
187 Image: Fabio Van Den Bossche Van Den Bossche, Fabio BEL
191 Image: David De La Cruz De La Cruz, David ESP
192 Image: Manuele Boaro Boaro, Manuele ITA
193 Image: Joseph Lloyd Dombrowski Dombrowski, Joseph Lloyd USA
194 Cyclingoo Logo Garofoli, Gianmarco ITA
195 Image: Antonio Nibali Nibali, Antonio ITA
196 Image: Aleksandr Riabushenko Riabushenko, Aleksandr BLR
197 Image: Andrey Zeits Zeits, Andrey KAZ
201 Image: Clement Champoussin Champoussin, Clement FRA
202 Image: Anthony Delaplace Delaplace, Anthony FRA
203 Image: Donavan Vincent Grondin Grondin, Donavan Vincent FRA
204 Image: Simon Guglielmi Guglielmi, Simon FRA
205 Image: Hugo Hofstetter Hofstetter, Hugo FRA
206 Image: Kevin Ledanois Ledanois, Kevin FRA
207 Image: Lukasz Owsian Owsian, Lukasz POL


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1947 and this edition is number 75

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

1212 kms are covered in a total of 8 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 04-06-2023 in Chambon-sur-lac and ends on 11-06-2023 in La Bastille

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 147 cyclists and 21 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

UCI World Tour (Various stages) 2.UWT

What company or organizer manages it?










1212 kms



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