Tour Colombia 2019

6 stages • 12-02-2019 -> 17-02-2019

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stage 1

Medellín (COL) -> Medellín (COL)

12-02-2019 • 14.0 kms

stage 2

La Ceja (COL) -> La Ceja (COL)

13-02-2019 • 150.5 kms

stage 3

Llanogrande (COL) -> Llanogrande (COL)

14-02-2019 • 167.6 kms

stage 4

Medellín (COL) -> Medellín (COL)

15-02-2019 • 144.0 kms

stage 5

La Unión (COL) -> La Unión (COL)

16-02-2019 • 177.2 kms

stage 6

El Retiro (COL) -> Alto de Las Palmas (COL)

17-02-2019 • 173.8 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Egan Arley Bernal Bernal, Egan Arley COL
2 Image: Jonathan Castroviejo Castroviejo, Jonathan ESP
3 Image: Christopher Froome Froome, Christopher GBR
4 Image: Sebastian Henao Henao, Sebastian COL
5 Image: Jhonnatan Narváez Narváez, Jhonnatan ECU
6 Image: Iván Ramiro Sosa Sosa, Iván Ramiro COL
11 Image: Winner Anacona Anacona, Winner COL
12 Image: Jorge Arcas Peña Arcas Peña, Jorge ESP
13 Image: Richard Antonio Carapaz Carapaz, Richard Antonio ECU
14 Image: Nairo Quintana Rojas Quintana Rojas, Nairo COL
15 Image: Eduardo Sepulveda Sepulveda, Eduardo ARG
16 Image: Marc Soler Soler, Marc ESP
21 Image: Nathan Brown Brown, Nathan USA
22 Image: Lawson Craddock Craddock, Lawson USA
23 Image: Taylor Phinney Phinney, Taylor USA
24 Cyclingoo Logo Howes, Alex USA
25 Image: Daniel Felipe Martínez Poveda Martínez Poveda, Daniel Felipe COL
26 Image: Rigoberto Uran Uran, Rigoberto COL
31 Image: Julian Alaphilippe Alaphilippe, Julian FRA
32 Image: Alvaro Jose Hodeg Chagui Hodeg Chagui, Alvaro Jose COL
33 Image: Bob Jungels Jungels, Bob LUX
34 Image: Iljo Keisse Keisse, Iljo BEL
35 Image: Ariel Maxi Richeze Richeze, Ariel Maxi ARG
36 Image: Petr Vakoc Vakoc, Petr CZE
41 Image: Miguel Ángel López Moreno López Moreno, Miguel Ángel COL
42 Cyclingoo Logo Bohorquez, Hernando COL
43 Image: Rodrigo Contreras Contreras, Rodrigo COL
44 Image: Jan Hirt Hirt, Jan CZE
45 Cyclingoo Logo Stalnov, Nikita KAZ
46 Image: Davide Villella Villella, Davide ITA
51 Image: Tom Bohli Bohli, Tom SUI
52 Image: Fernando Gaviria Gaviria, Fernando COL
53 Image: Sergio Luis Henao Henao, Sergio Luis COL
54 Image: Juan Sebastian Molano Benavides Molano Benavides, Juan Sebastian COL
55 Cyclingoo Logo Muñoz, Cristian Camilo COL
56 Image: Oliveiro Troia Troia, Oliveiro ITA
61 Cyclingoo Logo Pelucchi, Matteo ITA
62 Cyclingoo Logo Benfatto, Marco ITA
63 Image: Miguel Florez López Florez López, Miguel COL
64 Cyclingoo Logo Cardona Tabares, Julian COL
65 Cyclingoo Logo Muñoz, Daniel COL
66 Cyclingoo Logo Rivera, Kevin CRC
71 Image: Enrico Barbin Barbin, Enrico ITA
72 Cyclingoo Logo Bresciani, Michael ITA
73 Cyclingoo Logo Guardini, Andrea ITA
74 Image: Mirco Maestri Maestri, Mirco ITA
75 Cyclingoo Logo Maronese, Marco ITA
76 Image: Paolo Simion Simion, Paolo ITA
81 Image: João Almeida Almeida, João POR
82 Cyclingoo Logo Anderson, Edward USA
83 Cyclingoo Logo Brown, Jonathan USA
84 Cyclingoo Logo Davis, Cole USA
85 Image: Sean Quinn Quinn, Sean USA
86 Image: Karel Vacek Vacek, Karel CZE
91 Cyclingoo Logo Avila Vanegas, Edwin COL
92 Image: Matteo Badilatti Badilatti, Matteo SUI
93 Cyclingoo Logo Carisey, Clément FRA
94 Cyclingoo Logo Goldstein, Roy ISR
95 Image: Mihkel Raim Raim, Mihkel EST
96 Cyclingoo Logo Turek, Daniel CZE
101 Image: Dayer Quintana Rojas Quintana Rojas, Dayer COL
102 Cyclingoo Logo Bertazzo, Liam ITA
103 Image: Sebastian Schönberger Schönberger, Sebastian AUT
104 Image: Etienne Van Empel Van Empel, Etienne NED
105 Cyclingoo Logo Pacioni, Luca ITA
106 Image: Lorenzo Fortunato Fortunato, Lorenzo ITA
111 Cyclingoo Logo Acosta, Ruben COL
112 Cyclingoo Logo Ito, Masakazu JPN
113 Cyclingoo Logo Cima, Imerio ITA
114 Cyclingoo Logo Nakane, Hideto JPN
115 Cyclingoo Logo Osorio, Alejandro COL
116 Image: Ivan Santaromita Santaromita, Ivan ITA
121 Image: Jhojan  García García, Jhojan COL
122 Cyclingoo Logo Reyes, Aldemar COL
123 Cyclingoo Logo Jaramillo diez, Daniel Alexander COL
124 Cyclingoo Logo Ochoa, Diego COL
125 Cyclingoo Logo Paredes, Wilmar COL
126 Image: Juan Felipe Osorio Osorio, Juan Felipe COL
131 Image: Simon Pellaud Pellaud, Simon SUI
132 Cyclingoo Logo Page, Dylan SUI
133 Cyclingoo Logo Rappo, Anthony SUI
134 Cyclingoo Logo Debons, Antonie SUI
135 Cyclingoo Logo Schneiter, Joab SUI
136 Image: Samuele Zoccarato Zoccarato, Samuele ITA
141 Cyclingoo Logo Paulinho, Sérgio POR
142 Cyclingoo Logo Brandao, Jóni POR
143 Cyclingoo Logo Magalhaes, Jorge POR
144 Cyclingoo Logo Silva, Bruno POR
145 Cyclingoo Logo Jurado, Marcos ESP
146 Cyclingoo Logo Ferrari, Fabricio URU
151 Cyclingoo Logo Sevilla, Óscar ESP
152 Cyclingoo Logo Vargas Alzate, Walter Alejandro COL
153 Cyclingoo Logo Roldán Ortiz, Weimar Alfonso COL
154 Cyclingoo Logo Duarte, Fabio COL
155 Cyclingoo Logo Beltran Suarez, Edward Alexander COL
156 Image: Harold Alfonso Tejada Canacue Tejada Canacue, Harold Alfonso COL
161 Cyclingoo Logo Hoehn, Alex USA
162 Cyclingoo Logo Villalobos, Luis MEX
163 Cyclingoo Logo Islas, Fernando MEX
164 Cyclingoo Logo Rojas Campos, Gabriel Francisco CRC
165 Cyclingoo Logo Bickmore, Cade USA
166 Cyclingoo Logo Sheehan, Riley USA
171 Cyclingoo Logo Gil Sanchez, Angel Alexander COL
172 Image: Janier Acevedo Acevedo, Janier COL
173 Cyclingoo Logo Montaña Cadena, Fredy Emir COL
174 Cyclingoo Logo Carvajal Jaramillo, Edwin Andres COL
175 Cyclingoo Logo Castañeda Ortega, Jaime Alberto COL
176 Cyclingoo Logo Cano, Jairo Alonso COL
181 Cyclingoo Logo Cala Cala, Aristobulo COL
182 Cyclingoo Logo Quiroz Ayala, Oscar Adalberto COL
183 Cyclingoo Logo Hernández Gómez, Brayan COL
184 Cyclingoo Logo Cañaveral Vargas, Johnatan COL
185 Cyclingoo Logo Muñoz, William David COL
186 Cyclingoo Logo Estrada Celis, Eduardo COL
191 Cyclingoo Logo Suarez, Juan Pablo COL
192 Cyclingoo Logo Serpa Perez, Jose COL
193 Cyclingoo Logo Laverde Jimenez, Luis Felipe COL
194 Cyclingoo Logo Parra, Heiner Rodrigo COL
195 Cyclingoo Logo Alzate, Carlos COL
196 Cyclingoo Logo Castro Laverde, Jose Nicolas COL
201 Cyclingoo Logo Osorio, Daniel COL
202 Cyclingoo Logo Hernández, Jose Tito COL
203 Cyclingoo Logo Montiel Cuello, Rafael Anibal COL
204 Cyclingoo Logo Muñoz, Edison COL
205 Cyclingoo Logo Sánchez Vergara, Brayan Stiven COL
206 Cyclingoo Logo Chaparro Lopez, Didier COL
211 Cyclingoo Logo Cano Ardila, Alex COL
212 Cyclingoo Logo Rubiano Chavez, Miguel Angel COL
213 Cyclingoo Logo Camacho Bernal, Julio Alexis COL
214 Cyclingoo Logo Chavez, German Enrique COL
215 Cyclingoo Logo Ramirez Chacón, Brayan Stiven COL
216 Cyclingoo Logo Alba Bolivar, Juan Diego COL
221 Cyclingoo Logo Torres Agudelo, Andrés COL
222 Cyclingoo Logo Baron Castillo, Felix Alejandro COL
223 Cyclingoo Logo Castiblanco Cubides, Jorge COL
224 Cyclingoo Logo Kalf, Steven EST
225 Image: Martin Laas Laas, Martin EST
226 Cyclingoo Logo Piper, Cameron USA
231 Cyclingoo Logo Wilches Rodriguez, Norberto COL
232 Cyclingoo Logo Ruiz, Diego Fernando COL
233 Cyclingoo Logo Sastoque Pulido, Didier Alexander COL
234 Cyclingoo Logo García, Nicolas David COL
235 Cyclingoo Logo Palmar Sierra, Elkin Sebastián COL
236 Cyclingoo Logo Torres, Christian COL
241 Cyclingoo Logo Caro Monroy, Sebastian Orlando COL
242 Cyclingoo Logo Perez Muñoz, Wilmar Jahir COL
243 Cyclingoo Logo Ariza Jaramillo, Heimarhanz COL
244 Cyclingoo Logo Cuesta Zamora, Steven Manuel COL
245 Cyclingoo Logo Rabon Vela, Albeiro COL
246 Cyclingoo Logo Ramos, Yheyson BOL
251 Image: Einer Rubio Reyes Rubio Reyes, Einer COL
252 Cyclingoo Logo Arango, Juan Esteban COL
253 Cyclingoo Logo Angarita, Marvin Orlando COL
254 Cyclingoo Logo Montoya, Javier COL
255 Cyclingoo Logo Duarte, Alvaro COL
256 Cyclingoo Logo Castaño Muñoz, Sebastian COL
261 Cyclingoo Logo Lamon, Francesco ITA
262 Cyclingoo Logo Scartezzini, Michele ITA
263 Cyclingoo Logo Plebani, Davide ITA
264 Image: Attilio Viviani Viviani, Attilio ITA
265 Cyclingoo Logo Puccioni, Dario ITA
266 Cyclingoo Logo Baldaccini, Davide ITA
271 Cyclingoo Logo Guama, Byron ECU
272 Image: Jefferson Cepeda Hernández Cepeda Hernández, Jefferson ECU
273 Cyclingoo Logo Pita, Cristian David ECU
274 Cyclingoo Logo Montenegro, Jorge ECU
275 Cyclingoo Logo Villarreal, Cristian ECU
276 Cyclingoo Logo Quishpe, Carlos Eduardo ECU


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 2018 and this edition is number 2

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

826 kms are covered in a total of 6 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 12-02-2019 in Medellín and ends on 17-02-2019 in Alto de Las Palmas

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 168 cyclists and 28 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

First division (Various stages) 2.1

What company or organizer manages it?

Federación Colombiana de Ciclismo



Federación Colombiana de Ciclismo






826 kms



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