Tre Valli Varesine 2021

1 stages • 05-10-2021

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stage 1

Busto Arsizio (ITA) -> Varese (ITA)

05-10-2021 • 196.7 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Alexander Aranburu Aranburu, Alexander ESP
2 Image: Matteo Sobrero Sobrero, Matteo ITA
3 Image: Rodrigo Contreras Contreras, Rodrigo COL
4 Image: Fabio Felline Felline, Fabio ITA
5 Image: Alexey Lutsenko Lutsenko, Alexey KAZ
6 Image: Javier Romo Romo, Javier ESP
7 Image: Aleksandr Vlasov Vlasov, Aleksandr RUS
11 Image: Benoit Cosnefroy Cosnefroy, Benoit FRA
12 Image: Clément Berthet Berthet, Clément FRA
13 Image: Mikael Cherel Cherel, Mikael FRA
14 Image: Jaakko Hänninen Hänninen, Jaakko FIN
15 Image: Aurélien Paret Peintre Paret Peintre, Aurélien FRA
16 Image: Andrea Vendrame Vendrame, Andrea ITA
17 Image: Lawrence Warbasse Warbasse, Lawrence USA
21 Image: Emanuel Buchmann Buchmann, Emanuel GER
22 Image: Cesare Benedetti Benedetti, Cesare ITA
23 Image: Matteo Fabbro Fabbro, Matteo ITA
24 Image: Felix Grossschartner Grossschartner, Felix AUT
25 Image: Patrick Konrad Konrad, Patrick AUT
26 Cyclingoo Logo Wandahl, Frederik DEN
27 Image: Ben Zwiehoff Zwiehoff, Ben GER
31 Image: Guillaume Martin Martin, Guillaume FRA
32 Image: Thomas Champion Champion, Thomas FRA
33 Image: Rúben Fernández Fernández, Rúben ESP
34 Image: Simon Geschke Geschke, Simon GER
35 Image: Victor Lafay Lafay, Victor FRA
36 Image: Rémy Rochas Rochas, Rémy FRA
37 Image: Hugo Toumire Toumire, Hugo FRA
41 Image: Rigoberto Uran Uran, Rigoberto COL
42 Image: Hugh Carthy Carthy, Hugh GBR
43 Image: William Barta Barta, William USA
44 Image: Rúben Guerreiro Guerreiro, Rúben POR
45 Image: Sergio Higuita Higuita, Sergio COL
46 Image: James Whelan Whelan, James AUS
47 Image: Neilson Powless Powless, Neilson USA
51 Image: Attila Valter Valter, Attila HUN
52 Image: Kevin Geniets Geniets, Kevin LUX
53 Image: Matteo Badilatti Badilatti, Matteo SUI
54 Image: David Gaudu Gaudu, David FRA
55 Image: Matthieu Ladagnous Ladagnous, Matthieu FRA
56 Image: Sébastien Reichenbach Reichenbach, Sébastien SUI
57 Image: Anthony Roux Roux, Anthony FRA
61 Image: Richie Porte Porte, Richie AUS
62 Image: Lucas Plapp Plapp, Lucas AUS
63 Image: Tao Geoghegan Geoghegan, Tao GBR
64 Image: Ethan Hayter Hayter, Ethan GBR
65 Image: Iván Ramiro Sosa Sosa, Iván Ramiro COL
66 Image: Ben Swift Swift, Ben GBR
67 Image: Sebastian Henao Henao, Sebastian COL
71 Image: Simone Petilli Petilli, Simone ITA
72 Image: Jan Bakelants Bakelants, Jan BEL
73 Cyclingoo Logo Delacroix, Théo FRA
74 Image: Lorenzo Rota Rota, Lorenzo ITA
75 Image: Georg Zimmermann Zimmermann, Georg GER
76 Cyclingoo Logo Daemen, Stijn NED
77 Cyclingoo Logo Ghirmay, Biniyam ERI
81 Image: Ben Hermans Hermans, Ben BEL
82 Image: Omer Goldshtein Goldshtein, Omer ISR
83 Image: Reto Hollenstein Hollenstein, Reto SUI
84 Image: Alessandro De Marchi De Marchi, Alessandro ITA
85 Image: James Piccoli Piccoli, James CAN
86 Cyclingoo Logo Hollyman, Mason GBR
87 Cyclingoo Logo Plamondon, Robin CAN
91 Image: Stefano Oldani Oldani, Stefano ITA
92 Image: Filippo Conca Conca, Filippo ITA
93 Image: Andreas Kron Kron, Andreas DEN
94 Image: Tomasz Marczynski Marczynski, Tomasz POL
95 Image: Matthew Holmes Holmes, Matthew GBR
96 Image: Harm Vanhoucke Vanhoucke, Harm BEL
97 Image: Tim Wellens Wellens, Tim BEL
101 Image: Alejandro Valverde Valverde, Alejandro ESP
102 Image: Héctor Carretero Carretero, Héctor ESP
103 Image: Dario Cataldo Cataldo, Dario ITA
104 Image: Nelson Filipe Oliveira Oliveira, Nelson Filipe POR
105 Image: José Joaquín Rojas Gil Rojas Gil, José Joaquín ESP
106 Image: Gonzalo Serrano Rodriguez Serrano Rodriguez, Gonzalo ESP
107 Image: Davide Villella Villella, Davide ITA
111 Image: Brent Bookwalter Bookwalter, Brent USA
112 Image: Kevin Colleoni Colleoni, Kevin ITA
113 Image: Damien Howson Howson, Damien AUS
114 Image: Tanel Kangert Kangert, Tanel EST
115 Image: Mikel Nieve Nieve, Mikel ESP
116 Image: Nicholas Schultz Schultz, Nicholas AUS
117 Image: Robert Stannard Stannard, Robert AUS
121 Image: Karel Vacek Vacek, Karel CZE
122 Image: Sean Bennett Bennett, Sean USA
124 Cyclingoo Logo Nielsen Stokbro, Andreas DEN
125 Image: Dylan Sunderland Sunderland, Dylan AUS
126 Cyclingoo Logo Vinjebo, Emil DEN
127 Cyclingoo Logo Puppio, Antonio ITA
131 Image: Vincenzo Nibali Nibali, Vincenzo ITA
132 Image: Bauke Mollema Mollema, Bauke NED
133 Image: Gianluca Brambilla Brambilla, Gianluca ITA
134 Image: Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier Ghebreigzabhier, Amanuel ERI
135 Image: Antonio Nibali Nibali, Antonio ITA
136 Image: Michel Ries Ries, Michel LUX
137 Image: Antonio Tiberi Tiberi, Antonio ITA
141 Image: Tadej Pogačar Pogačar, Tadej SLO
142 Image: Alessandro Covi Covi, Alessandro ITA
143 Image: Valerio Conti Conti, Valerio ITA
144 Image: Davide Formolo Formolo, Davide ITA
145 Image: Marc Hirschi Hirschi, Marc SUI
146 Image: Rafal Majka Majka, Rafal POL
147 Image: Diego Ulissi Ulissi, Diego ITA
151 Image: Lorenzo Fortunato Fortunato, Lorenzo ITA
152 Image: Vincenzo Albanese Albanese, Vincenzo ITA
153 Cyclingoo Logo Christian, Mark GBR
154 Image: Erik Fetter Fetter, Erik HUN
155 Image: Francesco Gavazzi Gavazzi, Francesco ITA
156 Image: Edward Ravasi Ravasi, Edward ITA
157 Image: Davide Bais Bais, Davide ITA
161 Image: Luca Chirico Chirico, Luca ITA
162 Image: Mattia Bais Bais, Mattia ITA
163 Cyclingoo Logo Muñoz, Daniel COL
164 Image: Simone Ravannelli Ravannelli, Simone ITA
165 Image: Jhonatan Restrepo Restrepo, Jhonatan COL
166 Image: Eduardo Sepulveda Sepulveda, Eduardo ARG
167 Image: Josip Rumac Rumac, Josip HRV
171 Image: Enrico Battaglin Battaglin, Enrico ITA
172 Image: Filippo Magli Magli, Filippo ITA
173 Image: Filippo Fiorelli Fiorelli, Filippo ITA
174 Image: Davide Gabburo Gabburo, Davide ITA
175 Cyclingoo Logo Savini, Daniel ITA
176 Image: Alessandro Tonelli Tonelli, Alessandro ITA
177 Image: Samuele Zoccarato Zoccarato, Samuele ITA
181 Image: Julen Amezqueta Moreno Amezqueta Moreno, Julen ESP
182 Image: Orluis Alberto Aular Sanabria Aular Sanabria, Orluis Alberto VEN
183 Cyclingoo Logo Etxeberria Azpilikueta, Josu ESP
184 Image: Jhojan  García García, Jhojan COL
185 Image: Oier Lazkano Lopez Lazkano Lopez, Oier ESP
186 Image: Sergio Martín Galán Martín Galán, Sergio ESP
187 Cyclingoo Logo García Francés, Pablo ESP
191 Cyclingoo Logo Iribar, Unai ESP
192 Cyclingoo Logo Angulo Sampedro, Antonio ESP
193 Cyclingoo Logo Aranburu, Jokin ESP
194 Image: Mikel Bizkarra Bizkarra, Mikel ESP
195 Image: Joan Bou Company Bou Company, Joan ESP
196 Image: Mikel Iturria Iturria, Mikel ESP
197 Cyclingoo Logo Juaristi Arrieta, Txomin ESP
201 Image: Winner Anacona Anacona, Winner COL
202 Image: Maxime Bouet Bouet, Maxime FRA
203 Image: Anthony Delaplace Delaplace, Anthony FRA
204 Image: Miguel Florez López Florez López, Miguel COL
205 Image: Elie Gesbert Gesbert, Elie FRA
206 Image: Dayer Quintana Rojas Quintana Rojas, Dayer COL
207 Cyclingoo Logo Voisard, Yannis SUI
211 Image: Pierre-Roger Latour Latour, Pierre-Roger FRA
212 Image: Victor De La Parte De La Parte, Victor ESP
213 Image: Alexandre Geniez Geniez, Alexandre FRA
214 Image: Paul Ourselin Ourselin, Paul FRA
215 Image: Cristian Rodríguez Martín Rodríguez Martín, Cristian ESP
216 Image: Alexis Vuillermoz Vuillermoz, Alexis FRA
217 Image: Alan Jousseaume Jousseaume, Alan FRA
221 Image: Edoardo Zardini Zardini, Edoardo ITA
222 Image: Marco Frapporti Frapporti, Marco ITA
223 Cyclingoo Logo Stacchiotti, Riccardo ITA
224 Cyclingoo Logo Orrico, Davide ITA
225 Cyclingoo Logo Pearson, Daniel GBR
226 Cyclingoo Logo Masotto, Giulio ITA
227 Cyclingoo Logo Tosin, Ricardo ITA
231 Cyclingoo Logo Appollonio, Davide ITA
233 Cyclingoo Logo Tizza, Marco ITA
234 Cyclingoo Logo Totò, Paolo ITA
235 Cyclingoo Logo Zubar, Vladislav UKR
236 Cyclingoo Logo Cassarà, Giacomo ITA
237 Cyclingoo Logo Benedetti, Mattia ITA


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1917 and this edition is number 100

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

196 kms are covered in a total of 1 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 05-10-2021 in Busto Arsizio and ends in Varese

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 166 cyclists and 26 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

UCI Pro Series (One stage) 1.Pro

What company or organizer manages it?

Società Ciclistica Alfredo Binda



Società Ciclistica Alfredo Binda






196 kms



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Image license:
Image by / SC Alfredo Binda