Volta ao Algarve 2024

5 stages • 14-02-2024 -> 18-02-2024

Logo: Volta ao Algarve 2024



stage 1

Portimão (POR) -> Lagos (POR)

14-02-2024 • 200.8 kms

stage 2

Lagoa (POR) -> Alto da Foia - Monchique (POR)

15-02-2024 • 171.9 kms

stage 3

Vila Real de Santo António (POR) -> Tavira (POR)

16-02-2024 • 192.2 kms

stage 4

Albufeira (POR) -> Albufeira (POR)

17-02-2024 • 22.0 kms

stage 5

Faro (POR) -> Alto do Malhão (POR)

18-02-2024 • 165.8 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Daniel Felipe Martínez Poveda Martínez Poveda, Daniel Felipe COL
2 Image: Bob Jungels Jungels, Bob LUX
3 Image: Marco Haller Haller, Marco AUT
4 Image: Sergio Higuita Higuita, Sergio COL
5 Image: Jordi Meeus Meeus, Jordi BEL
6 Image: Maximilian Schachmann Schachmann, Maximilian GER
7 Cyclingoo Logo Hajek, Alexander AUT
11 Image: Quinten Hermans Hermans, Quinten BEL
12 Cyclingoo Logo Boven, Lars NED
13 Image: Tobias Bayer Bayer, Tobias AUT
14 Image: Edward Planckaert Planckaert, Edward BEL
15 Image: Xandro Meurisse Meurisse, Xandro BEL
16 Cyclingoo Logo Van Tricht, Stan BEL
17 Cyclingoo Logo Vergallito, Luca ITA
21 Image: Arnaud Demare Demare, Arnaud FRA
22 Image: Jenthe Biermans Biermans, Jenthe BEL
23 Image: Donavan Vincent Grondin Grondin, Donavan Vincent FRA
24 Image: Thibault Guernalec Guernalec, Thibault FRA
25 Image: Daniel  Mclay Mclay, Daniel GBR
26 Image: Florian Sénéchal Sénéchal, Florian FRA
27 Cyclingoo Logo Tjøtta, Martin NOR
31 Image: Samuele Battistella Battistella, Samuele ITA
32 Image: Simone Velasco Velasco, Simone ITA
33 Image: Yevgeniy Fedorov Fedorov, Yevgeniy KAZ
34 Cyclingoo Logo Kuzmin, Anton KAZ
35 Cyclingoo Logo Chzhan, Igor KAZ
36 Image: Cristian Scaroni Scaroni, Cristian ITA
37 Cyclingoo Logo Walker, Max GBR
41 Image: Stefan Bissegger Bissegger, Stefan SUI
42 Image: Rui Alberto Faria Da Costa Faria Da Costa, Rui Alberto POR
43 Image: Ben Healy Healy, Ben IRL
44 Image: Mikkel Frolich Honoré Frolich Honoré, Mikkel DEN
45 Image: James Shaw Shaw, James GBR
46 Image: Michael Valgren Valgren, Michael DEN
47 Image: Marijn Van Den Berg Van Den Berg, Marijn NED
51 Image: Stefan Küng Küng, Stefan SUI
52 Image: Lewis Askey Askey, Lewis GBR
53 Image: Olivier Le Gac Le Gac, Olivier FRA
54 Image: Valentin Madouas Madouas, Valentin FRA
55 Image: Enzo Paleni Paleni, Enzo FRA
56 Image: Clement Russo Russo, Clement FRA
57 Image: Marc Sarreau Sarreau, Marc FRA
61 Image: Thymen Arensman Arensman, Thymen NED
62 Image: Filippo Ganna Ganna, Filippo ITA
63 Image: Kim Alexander Heiduk Heiduk, Kim Alexander GER
64 Image: Thomas Pidcock Pidcock, Thomas GBR
65 Image: Luke Rowe Rowe, Luke GBR
66 Image: Magnus Sheffield Sheffield, Magnus USA
67 Image: Geraint Thomas Thomas, Geraint GBR
71 Cyclingoo Logo Braet, Vito BEL
72 Image: Rune Herregodts Herregodts, Rune BEL
73 Image: Hugo Page Page, Hugo FRA
74 Image: Adrien Petit Petit, Adrien FRA
75 Image: Laurenz Rex Rex, Laurenz BEL
76 Image: Mike Teunissen Teunissen, Mike NED
77 Image: Gerben Thijssen Thijssen, Gerben BEL
81 Image: Andrea Bagioli Bagioli, Andrea ITA
82 Image: Tao Geoghegan Geoghegan, Tao GBR
83 Image: Daan Hoole Hoole, Daan NED
84 Image: Sam Oomen Oomen, Sam NED
85 Image: Jasper Stuyven Stuyven, Jasper BEL
86 Image: Edward Theuns Theuns, Edward BEL
87 Cyclingoo Logo Vacek, Mathias CZE
91 Image: Mattia Cattaneo Cattaneo, Mattia ITA
92 Image: Remco Evenepoel Evenepoel, Remco BEL
93 Image: James Knox Knox, James GBR
94 Image: Mikel Landa Landa, Mikel ESP
95 Image: Pieter Serry Serry, Pieter BEL
96 Cyclingoo Logo Vangheluwe, Warre BEL
97 Image: Louis Vervaeke Vervaeke, Louis BEL
101 Image: John Degenkolb Degenkolb, John GER
102 Cyclingoo Logo Bittner, Pavel CZE
103 Image: Gijs Leemreize Leemreize, Gijs NED
104 Image: Niklas Märkl Märkl, Niklas GER
105 Image: Martijn Tusveld Tusveld, Martijn NED
106 Cyclingoo Logo Van Uden, Casper NED
107 Image: Bram Welten Welten, Bram NED
111 Image: Wout Van Aert Van Aert, Wout BEL
112 Image: Sepp Kuss Kuss, Sepp USA
113 Image: Tiesj Benoot Benoot, Tiesj BEL
114 Cyclingoo Logo Hagenes, Per Strand NOR
115 Image: Jan Tratnik Tratnik, Jan SLO
116 Cyclingoo Logo Vader, Milan NED
117 Image: Julien Vermote Vermote, Julien BEL
121 Image: Isaac Del Toro Del Toro, Isaac MEX
122 Cyclingoo Logo Baroncini, Filippo ITA
123 Cyclingoo Logo Christen, Jan SUI
124 Image: Marc Hirschi Hirschi, Marc SUI
125 Cyclingoo Logo Morgado, António POR
126 Image: Rui Oliveira Oliveira, Rui POR
127 Image: Nils Politt Politt, Nils GER
131 Cyclingoo Logo Babor, Daniel CZE
132 Cyclingoo Logo Arriola-Bengoa, Julen ESP
133 Cyclingoo Logo Bárta, Tomáš CZE
134 Cyclingoo Logo Guardeño, Jaume ESP
135 Cyclingoo Logo Sorarrain, Gorka ESP
136 Cyclingoo Logo Prades, Eduard ESP
137 Image: Michal Schlegel Schlegel, Michal CZE
141 Cyclingoo Logo Wirtgen, Luc LUX
142 Image: Robin Froidevaux Froidevaux, Robin SUI
143 Cyclingoo Logo Kluckers, Arthur LUX
144 Image: Marius Mayrhofer Mayrhofer, Marius GER
145 Cyclingoo Logo Eriksson, Lucas SWE
146 Image: Matteo Trentin Trentin, Matteo ITA
147 Cyclingoo Logo Voisard, Yannis SUI
151 Image: Magnus Cort Nielsen Nielsen, Magnus Cort DEN
152 Cyclingoo Logo Hoelgaard, Markus NOR
153 Image: Andreas Leknessund Leknessund, Andreas NOR
154 Cyclingoo Logo Resell, Erik Nordsaeter NOR
155 Image: Rasmus Tiller Tiller, Rasmus NOR
156 Image: Jonas Abrahamsen Abrahamsen, Jonas NOR
157 Cyclingoo Logo Urianstad, Martin Bugge NOR
161 Cyclingoo Logo Oliveira, Diogo POR
162 Cyclingoo Logo Eulálio, Afonso POR
163 Image: Oscar Cabedo Carda Cabedo Carda, Oscar ESP
164 Cyclingoo Logo Pinto Oliveira, Fabio POR
165 Cyclingoo Logo Pinheiro, Ivo POR
166 Cyclingoo Logo Costa, Fabio POR
167 Cyclingoo Logo Silva, Pedro POR
171 Cyclingoo Logo Simäo, Rúben POR
172 Cyclingoo Logo Silva, Afonso POR
173 Cyclingoo Logo Salgueiro, Carlos POR
174 Cyclingoo Logo Barbosa, Diogo POR
175 Cyclingoo Logo Bicho, Jose POR
176 Cyclingoo Logo Brito Campos, Francisco POR
177 Cyclingoo Logo Chingui, Euclides AGO
181 Cyclingoo Logo Viegas, Daniel POR
182 Cyclingoo Logo Tivani Perez, German Nicolas ARG
183 Cyclingoo Logo García Gónzalez, Sergio ESP
184 Cyclingoo Logo Contte, Tomás ARG
185 Cyclingoo Logo Oyarzún, Carlos ESP
186 Cyclingoo Logo Domínguez, David ESP
187 Cyclingoo Logo Martins, Tomás POR
191 Cyclingoo Logo Duarte, Emanuel POR
192 Cyclingoo Logo Fernandes, Luis POR
193 Cyclingoo Logo Montez, Alexandre POR
194 Cyclingoo Logo Caixas, Rodrigo POR
195 Cyclingoo Logo Narciso, Diogo POR
196 Cyclingoo Logo Vie, François FRA
197 Cyclingoo Logo Leaça, Gonçalo POR
201 Cyclingoo Logo Silva, Joaquim POR
202 Cyclingoo Logo Grigorev, Aleksandr RUS
203 Cyclingoo Logo Sousa Ferreira, Antonio Manuel POR
204 Cyclingoo Logo Mesa, Santiago COL
205 Cyclingoo Logo Casimiro, Henrique POR
206 Cyclingoo Logo González Rivera, Abner PRI
207 Cyclingoo Logo Swirbul, Keegan USA
211 Cyclingoo Logo Gomes, Luís POR
212 Cyclingoo Logo Carvalho, Rui POR
213 Cyclingoo Logo Guerreiro, Francisco POR
214 Cyclingoo Logo Ferreira, Tiago POR
215 Cyclingoo Logo Mixão, Duarte POR
216 Cyclingoo Logo Campos, Noah POR
217 Cyclingoo Logo Ribeiro, André POR
221 Cyclingoo Logo Fonte, César POR
222 Cyclingoo Logo Nunes, Hugo POR
223 Cyclingoo Logo Rota, Raúl ESP
224 Cyclingoo Logo Peñuela, Francisco Joel VEN
225 Cyclingoo Logo Leal, Tiago POR
226 Cyclingoo Logo Martins, João POR
227 Cyclingoo Logo Gonçalves, Hélder POR
231 Cyclingoo Logo Figueiredo, Frederico POR
232 Image: André Carvalho Carvalho, André POR
233 Cyclingoo Logo Mendonça, Luís POR
234 Cyclingoo Logo Baptista, Gabriel POR
235 Cyclingoo Logo Domingues, Duarte POR
236 Cyclingoo Logo Rees, Oliver GBR
237 Cyclingoo Logo Reis, Rafael POR
241 Cyclingoo Logo Carvalho, Gonçalo POR
242 Cyclingoo Logo Silva, Bruno POR
243 Cyclingoo Logo Matias, João POR
244 Cyclingoo Logo Morais, Francisco POR
245 Cyclingoo Logo Linarez Meneses, Leangel Ruben VEN
246 Cyclingoo Logo Martingil, César POR
247 Cyclingoo Logo Amado, Gonçalo POR


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1960 and this edition is number 50

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

752 kms are covered in a total of 5 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 14-02-2024 in Portimão and ends on 18-02-2024 in Alto do Malhão

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 175 cyclists and 25 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

UCI Pro Series (Various stages) 2.Pro

What company or organizer manages it?

Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo



Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo






752 kms



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Image license:
Images by voltaaoalgarve.com / © Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo