Brabantse Pijl 2024

1 stages • 10-04-2024

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stage 1

Leuven (BEL) -> Overijse (BEL)

10-04-2024 • 195.2 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Dorian Godon Godon, Dorian FRA
2 Cyclingoo Logo Pedersen, Rasmus Søjberg DEN
3 Image: Benoit Cosnefroy Cosnefroy, Benoit FRA
4 Image: Dries De Bondt De Bondt, Dries BEL
5 Cyclingoo Logo De Pestel, Sander BEL
6 Cyclingoo Logo Isidore, Noa FRA
7 Image: Andrea Vendrame Vendrame, Andrea ITA
11 Image: Tobias Bayer Bayer, Tobias AUT
12 Image: Quinten Hermans Hermans, Quinten BEL
13 Image: Soren Kragh Andersen Kragh Andersen, Soren DEN
14 Image: Axel Laurance Laurance, Axel FRA
15 Image: Xandro Meurisse Meurisse, Xandro BEL
16 Image: Jimmy Janssens Janssens, Jimmy BEL
17 Cyclingoo Logo Van Tricht, Stan BEL
21 Cyclingoo Logo Braet, Vito BEL
22 Cyclingoo Logo Busatto, Francesco ITA
23 Image: Dries De Pooter De Pooter, Dries BEL
24 Cyclingoo Logo Hannes, Victor BEL
25 Cyclingoo Logo Paquot, Tom BEL
26 Cyclingoo Logo Toussaint, Wouter NED
27 Image: Georg Zimmermann Zimmermann, Georg GER
31 Cyclingoo Logo Bastiaens, Ayco BEL
32 Cyclingoo Logo Gelders, Gil BEL
33 Cyclingoo Logo Huby, Antoine FRA
34 Image: Pieter Serry Serry, Pieter BEL
35 Cyclingoo Logo Warlop, Jordi BEL
36 Cyclingoo Logo Reinderink, Pepijn NED
37 Image: Louis Vervaeke Vervaeke, Louis BEL
41 Image: Vincenzo Albanese Albanese, Vincenzo ITA
42 Image: Jenthe Biermans Biermans, Jenthe BEL
43 Cyclingoo Logo Grygowski, Hubert POL
44 Image: Laurens Huys Huys, Laurens BEL
45 Image: Mathis Le Berre Le Berre, Mathis FRA
46 Image: Alan Riou Riou, Alan FRA
47 Cyclingoo Logo Janssen, Lucas NED
51 Image: Matevz Govekar Govekar, Matevz SLO
52 Cyclingoo Logo Bruttomesso, Alberto ITA
53 Cyclingoo Logo Buratti, Nicolò ITA
54 Image: Andrea Pasqualon Pasqualon, Andrea ITA
55 Cyclingoo Logo Price Pejtersen, Johan DEN
56 Cyclingoo Logo Rajovic, Dusan SRB
57 Cyclingoo Logo Scott, Cameron AUS
61 Image: Ben Hermans Hermans, Ben BEL
62 Image: Nicolas Debeaumarché Debeaumarché, Nicolas FRA
63 Image: Eddy Fine Fine, Eddy FRA
64 Cyclingoo Logo Noppe, Christophe BEL
65 Cyclingoo Logo Robeet, Ludovic BEL
71 Image: Mikkel Frolich Honoré Frolich Honoré, Mikkel DEN
72 Cyclingoo Logo Beloki, Markel ESP
73 Image: James Shaw Shaw, James GBR
74 Image: Lukas Nerurkar Nerurkar, Lukas GBR
75 Cyclingoo Logo Rafferty, Darren IRL
76 Image: Marijn Van Den Berg Van Den Berg, Marijn NED
77 Image: Harrison Sweeny Sweeny, Harrison AUS
81 Cyclingoo Logo Van Mechelen, Vlad BEL
82 Cyclingoo Logo Dhondt, Robbe BEL
84 Image: Martijn Tusveld Tusveld, Martijn NED
85 Image: Frank Van Den Broek Van Den Broek, Frank NED
86 Cyclingoo Logo Naberman, Tim NED
87 Cyclingoo Logo Leijnse, Enzo NED
91 Image: Michael Matthews Matthews, Michael AUS
92 Image: Lawson Craddock Craddock, Lawson USA
93 Cyclingoo Logo Foldager, Anders DEN
94 Image: Jan Maas Maas, Jan NED
95 Image: Christopher Juul-Jensen Juul-Jensen, Christopher DEN
96 Cyclingoo Logo Quick, Blake AUS
97 Image: Campbell Stewart Stewart, Campbell NZL
101 Image: Tim Wellens Wellens, Tim BEL
102 Image: Marc Hirschi Hirschi, Marc SUI
103 Cyclingoo Logo Ravbar, Anže SLO
104 Cyclingoo Logo Staes, Gibbe BEL
105 Cyclingoo Logo Morgado, António POR
106 Image: Nils Politt Politt, Nils GER
111 Cyclingoo Logo Segaert, Alec BEL
112 Image: Sébastien Grignard Grignard, Sébastien BEL
113 Cyclingoo Logo Berckmoes, Jenno BEL
114 Image: Pascal Eenkhoorn Eenkhoorn, Pascal NED
115 Image: Andreas Kron Kron, Andreas DEN
116 Cyclingoo Logo Paasschens, Mathijs NED
117 Image: Jonas Gregaard Wilsly Gregaard Wilsly, Jonas DEN
121 Image: Dylan Teuns Teuns, Dylan BEL
122 Cyclingoo Logo Blackmore, Joseph GBR
123 Image: Krists Neilands Neilands, Krists LAT
125 Image: Corbin Strong Strong, Corbin NZL
126 Image: Stephen Williams Williams, Stephen GBR
127 Cyclingoo Logo Watts, Kiaan NZL
131 Image: Loic Vliegen Vliegen, Loic BEL
132 Cyclingoo Logo Blouwe, Louis BEL
133 Cyclingoo Logo Meens, Johan BEL
134 Cyclingoo Logo Van Rooy, Kenneth BEL
135 Cyclingoo Logo Van Boven, Luca BEL
136 Cyclingoo Logo Reynders, Jens BEL
137 Cyclingoo Logo Jacques, Lucas BEL
141 Cyclingoo Logo Bonneu, Kamiel BEL
142 Cyclingoo Logo Clynhens, Toon BEL
143 Cyclingoo Logo Craps, Lars BEL
144 Cyclingoo Logo Maris, Elias BEL
145 Cyclingoo Logo Van Hemelen, Vincent BEL
146 Cyclingoo Logo Vandenstorme, Dylan BEL
147 Cyclingoo Logo Vanhoof, Ward BEL
151 Cyclingoo Logo Arriola-Bengoa, Julen ESP
152 Image: Fernando Barceló Aragón Barceló Aragón, Fernando ESP
153 Image: Jefferson Cepeda Hernández Cepeda Hernández, Jefferson ECU
154 Cyclingoo Logo Fernández, Samuel ESP
155 Cyclingoo Logo Johnston, Calum GBR
156 Cyclingoo Logo Prades, Eduard ESP
157 Image: David González González, David ESP
161 Cyclingoo Logo Beadle, Hamish NZL
162 Cyclingoo Logo Brand, Sam GBR
163 Cyclingoo Logo De Graeve, Quinten BEL
164 Cyclingoo Logo Kopecký, Matyáš CZE
165 Cyclingoo Logo Kusztor, Péter HUN
166 Cyclingoo Logo Irvine, Declan AUS
167 Cyclingoo Logo Poli, Umberto ITA
171 Image: Gianluca Brambilla Brambilla, Gianluca ITA
172 Cyclingoo Logo Abreha, Negasi Haylu ETH
173 Cyclingoo Logo Calzoni, Walter ITA
174 Cyclingoo Logo Fancellu, Alessandro ITA
175 Image: Joseph Rosskopf Rosskopf, Joseph USA
176 Image: Rory Townsend Townsend, Rory IRL
177 Image: James Whelan Whelan, James AUS
181 Cyclingoo Logo Loockx, Lander BEL
182 Cyclingoo Logo De Vries, Hartthijs NED
183 Cyclingoo Logo Geleijn, Owen NED
184 Cyclingoo Logo Johannink, Jelle NED
185 Cyclingoo Logo Kopecký, Tomáš CZE
186 Cyclingoo Logo Kyffin, Zeb GBR
187 Cyclingoo Logo Ťoupalík, Adam CZE
191 Image: Sandy Dujardin Dujardin, Sandy FRA
192 Image: Thomas Gachignard Gachignard, Thomas FRA
193 Image: Lorenzo Manzin Manzin, Lorenzo FRA
194 Image: Julien Simon Simon, Julien FRA
195 Image: Anthony Turgis Turgis, Anthony FRA
196 Cyclingoo Logo Vadic, Baptiste FRA
197 Image: Dries Van Gestel Van Gestel, Dries BEL
201 Cyclingoo Logo Eriksson, Jacob SWE
202 Cyclingoo Logo Changizi, Sebastian DEN
203 Cyclingoo Logo Heming, Miká GER
204 Image: Alexander Kamp Kamp, Alexander DEN
205 Cyclingoo Logo Kluckers, Arthur LUX
206 Cyclingoo Logo Charrin, Aloïs FRA
207 Cyclingoo Logo Weiss, Fabian SUI
211 Image: Tobias Halland Johannessen Johannessen, Tobias Halland NOR
212 Cyclingoo Logo Urianstad, Martin Bugge NOR
213 Image: Odd Christian Eiking Eiking, Odd Christian NOR
214 Cyclingoo Logo Hoelgaard, Markus NOR
215 Cyclingoo Logo Skaarseth, Anders NOR
216 Cyclingoo Logo Johannessen, Anders Halland NOR
217 Image: Andreas Leknessund Leknessund, Andreas NOR


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1961 and this edition is number 64

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

195.2 kms are covered in a total of 1 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 10-04-2024 in Leuven and ends in Overijse

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 149 cyclists and 22 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

UCI Pro Series (One stage) 1.Pro

What company or organizer manages it?

Flanders Classics



Flanders Classics






195.2 kms



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Images by / © Flanders Classics