Volta ao Algarve 2021

5 stages • 05-05-2021 -> 09-05-2021

Logo: Volta ao Algarve 2021



stage 1

Lagos (POR) -> Portimão (POR)

05-05-2021 • 189.5 kms

stage 2

Sagres (POR) -> Fóia (POR)

06-05-2021 • 182.8 kms

stage 3

Faro (POR) -> Tavira (POR)

07-05-2021 • 203.1 kms

stage 4

Lagoa (POR) -> Lagoa (POR)

08-05-2021 • 20.3 kms

stage 5

Albufeira (POR) -> Malhão (POR)

09-05-2021 • 170.1 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Rui Alberto Faria Da Costa Faria Da Costa, Rui Alberto POR
2 Cyclingoo Logo Ardila Ordoñez, Andrés COL
3 Image: Ryan Gibbons Gibbons, Ryan RSA
4 Image: Vegard Stake Laengen Laengen, Vegard Stake NOR
5 Image: Ivo Oliveira Oliveira, Ivo POR
6 Image: Rui Oliveira Oliveira, Rui POR
7 Image: Oliveiro Troia Troia, Oliveiro ITA
11 Image: Julien Duval Duval, Julien FRA
12 Image: Damien Touzé Touzé, Damien FRA
13 Cyclingoo Logo Jullien, Anthony FRA
14 Image: Oliver Naesen Naesen, Oliver BEL
15 Image: Nicolas Prodhomme Prodhomme, Nicolas FRA
16 Image: Marc Sarreau Sarreau, Marc FRA
17 Cyclingoo Logo Van Hoecke, Gijs BEL
21 Image: Pascal Ackermann Ackermann, Pascal GER
22 Image: Lennard Kämna Kämna, Lennard GER
23 Image: Martin Laas Laas, Martin EST
24 Image: Nils Politt Politt, Nils GER
25 Image: Andreas Schillinger Schillinger, Andreas GER
26 Image: Michael Schwarzmann Schwarzmann, Michael GER
27 Image: Rudiger Selig Selig, Rudiger GER
31 Image: Shane Archbold Archbold, Shane NZL
32 Image: Kasper Asgreen Asgreen, Kasper DEN
33 Image: Davide Ballerini Ballerini, Davide ITA
34 Image: Sam Bennett Bennett, Sam IRL
35 Image: Fabio Jakobsen Jakobsen, Fabio NED
36 Image: Michael Mørkøv Mørkøv, Michael DEN
37 Image: Bert Van Lerberghe Van Lerberghe, Bert BEL
41 Image: Clément Davy Davy, Clément FRA
42 Image: Kevin Geniets Geniets, Kevin LUX
43 Image: Olivier Le Gac Le Gac, Olivier FRA
44 Image: Benjamin Thomas Thomas, Benjamin FRA
45 Image: Marijn Van Den Berg Van Den Berg, Marijn NED
46 Cyclingoo Logo Brunel, Alexys FRA
47 Image: William Bonnet Bonnet, William FRA
51 Cyclingoo Logo Basso, Leonardo ITA
52 Image: Ethan Hayter Hayter, Ethan GBR
53 Image: Iván Ramiro Sosa Sosa, Iván Ramiro COL
54 Image: Sebastian Henao Henao, Sebastian COL
55 Image: Brandon Smith Rivera Vargas Rivera Vargas, Brandon Smith COL
56 Image: Carlos Rodríguez Cano Rodríguez Cano, Carlos ESP
57 Image: Cameron Wurf Wurf, Cameron AUS
61 Image: Odd Christian Eiking Eiking, Odd Christian NOR
62 Image: Jonas Koch Koch, Jonas GER
63 Cyclingoo Logo Lammertink, Maurits NED
64 Cyclingoo Logo Planckaert, Baptiste BEL
65 Image: Boy Van Poppel Van Poppel, Boy NED
66 Image: Danny Van Poppel Van Poppel, Danny NED
67 Image: Georg Zimmermann Zimmermann, Georg GER
71 Image: Stanislaw Aniolkowski Aniolkowski, Stanislaw POL
72 Image: Milan Menten Menten, Milan BEL
73 Image: Remy Mertz Mertz, Remy BEL
74 Cyclingoo Logo Molly, Kenny BEL
75 Cyclingoo Logo Paasschens, Mathijs NED
76 Cyclingoo Logo Peyskens, Dimitri BEL
77 Image: Jelle Vanendert Vanendert, Jelle BEL
81 Image: Daniel Navarro Navarro, Daniel ESP
82 Cyclingoo Logo Avila Vanegas, Edwin COL
83 Image: Jesús Ezquerra Ezquerra, Jesús ESP
84 Cyclingoo Logo Muller, Gabriel FRA
85 Image: Carlos Canal Blanco Canal Blanco, Carlos ESP
86 Image: Jetse Bol Bol, Jetse NED
87 Image: Willem Jakobus Smit Smit, Willem Jakobus RSA
91 Image: Jon Aberasturi Izaga Aberasturi Izaga, Jon ESP
92 Image: Aritz Bagües Bagües, Aritz ESP
93 Image: David González González, David ESP
94 Cyclingoo Logo Irisarri, Jon ESP
95 Image: Jonathan Lastra Martinez Lastra Martinez, Jonathan ESP
96 Image: Sergio Martín Galán Martín Galán, Sergio ESP
97 Image: Héctor Sáez Benito Sáez Benito, Héctor ESP
101 Image: José Manuel Díaz Gallego Díaz Gallego, José Manuel ESP
102 Cyclingoo Logo Carisey, Clément FRA
103 Cyclingoo Logo Fedeli, Alessandro ITA
104 Cyclingoo Logo Fernández Cruz, Delio ESP
105 Cyclingoo Logo Finetto, Mauro ITA
106 Image: Eduard Michael Grosu Grosu, Eduard Michael ROU
107 Cyclingoo Logo Siskevicius, Evaldas LTU
111 Cyclingoo Logo López Fuentes, Diego ESP
112 Cyclingoo Logo Moreno, Iván ESP
113 Image: Raúl García Pierna García Pierna, Raúl ESP
114 Cyclingoo Logo Marquez Román, Marti ESP
115 Cyclingoo Logo Van Der Tuuk, Danny NED
116 Image: Vojtěch Řepa Řepa, Vojtěch CZE
117 Cyclingoo Logo Sanz, Enrique ESP
121 Cyclingoo Logo Aristi Gardoki, Mikel ESP
122 Cyclingoo Logo Irizar, Julen ESP
123 Cyclingoo Logo Alonso Flores, Mikel ESP
124 Image: Joan Bou Company Bou Company, Joan ESP
125 Cyclingoo Logo Goikoetxea Goiogana, Peio ESP
126 Image: Dzmitry Zhyhunou Zhyhunou, Dzmitry BLR
127 Image: Xabier Mikel Azparren Irurzun Azparren Irurzun, Xabier Mikel ESP
131 Cyclingoo Logo Mannion, Gavin USA
132 Image: Joseph Rosskopf Rosskopf, Joseph USA
133 Image: Nathan Brown Brown, Nathan USA
134 Cyclingoo Logo Oronte, Emerson USA
135 Cyclingoo Logo Murphy, Kyle USA
136 Cyclingoo Logo Joyce, Colin USA
137 Cyclingoo Logo Swirbul, Keegan USA
141 Image: Diego Rosa Rosa, Diego ITA
142 Image: Elie Gesbert Gesbert, Elie FRA
143 Image: Matis Louvel Louvel, Matis FRA
144 Cyclingoo Logo Noppe, Christophe BEL
145 Image: Thibault Guernalec Guernalec, Thibault FRA
146 Image: Thomas Boudat Boudat, Thomas FRA
147 Image: Maxime Bouet Bouet, Maxime FRA
151 Cyclingoo Logo García De Mateos, Vicente ESP
152 Cyclingoo Logo Silva, Bruno POR
153 Cyclingoo Logo Amado, Gonçalo POR
154 Cyclingoo Logo Pinto Oliveira, Fabio POR
155 Cyclingoo Logo Silva, Rafael POR
156 Cyclingoo Logo Fernandes, Venceslau POR
157 Cyclingoo Logo Sousa Ferreira, Antonio Manuel POR
161 Cyclingoo Logo Veloso, Gustavo César ESP
162 Cyclingoo Logo Marque Porto, Alejandro ESP
163 Cyclingoo Logo Grigorev, Aleksandr RUS
164 Cyclingoo Logo Duarte, Emanuel POR
165 Cyclingoo Logo Martingil, César POR
166 Cyclingoo Logo Trueba Diego, Álvaro ESP
167 Cyclingoo Logo Lourenço, Rafael POR
171 Cyclingoo Logo Figueiredo, Frederico POR
172 Cyclingoo Logo Domingues, André POR
173 Cyclingoo Logo Hnik, Karel CZE
174 Cyclingoo Logo Reis, Rafael POR
175 Cyclingoo Logo Moreno Bazán, Javier ESP
176 Cyclingoo Logo Costa, Fabio POR
177 Cyclingoo Logo Fernandes, Fábio POR
181 Cyclingoo Logo Andrade, Pedro POR
182 Cyclingoo Logo Barbosa, Diogo POR
183 Image: Jarrad Drizners Drizners, Jarrad AUS
184 Cyclingoo Logo Garrison, Michael USA
185 Cyclingoo Logo Laverick, Joseph GBR
186 Image: Matthew Riccitello Riccitello, Matthew USA
187 Image: Sean Quinn Quinn, Sean USA
191 Cyclingoo Logo Casimiro, Henrique POR
192 Cyclingoo Logo Fonte, César POR
193 Cyclingoo Logo Gomes, Luís POR
194 Cyclingoo Logo Lopes, Pedro Miguel POR
195 Cyclingoo Logo Salgado, João POR
196 Cyclingoo Logo Sousa, José POR
197 Cyclingoo Logo Gonçalves, Hélder POR
201 Cyclingoo Logo Paulinho, Sérgio POR
202 Cyclingoo Logo Ramalho, André POR
203 Cyclingoo Logo Medeiros, João POR
204 Cyclingoo Logo Macedo, João POR
205 Cyclingoo Logo Scheulen, Marvin POR
206 Cyclingoo Logo Salgueiro, Carlos POR
207 Cyclingoo Logo Salvador, Marcelo POR
211 Cyclingoo Logo Rodrigues, Rui Emanuel POR
212 Cyclingoo Logo Meireles, Nuno POR
213 Cyclingoo Logo Paredes, Cesar COL
214 Cyclingoo Logo Del Pino Corrochano, Jesús ESP
215 Cyclingoo Logo Oyarzún, Carlos ESP
216 Cyclingoo Logo Contte, Tomás ARG
217 Cyclingoo Logo De La Fuente, David ESP
221 Cyclingoo Logo Silva, Pedro POR
222 Cyclingoo Logo Fernandes, Luis POR
223 Cyclingoo Logo Benta, João POR
224 Cyclingoo Logo Nunes, Hugo POR
225 Cyclingoo Logo Freitas, Daniel POR
226 Cyclingoo Logo Silva, Afonso POR
227 Cyclingoo Logo Gallego, Alberto ESP
231 Cyclingoo Logo Silva, Joaquim POR
232 Cyclingoo Logo Pinto, Pedro POR
233 Cyclingoo Logo Antunes, Tiago POR
234 Cyclingoo Logo Gonçalves, Gaspar POR
235 Cyclingoo Logo Linarez Meneses, Leangel Ruben VEN
236 Cyclingoo Logo Moreira Paulinho, Pedro Miguel POR
237 Cyclingoo Logo Leitão, Iúri POR
241 Cyclingoo Logo Rodrigues, João POR
242 Cyclingoo Logo Mestre, Ricardo POR
243 Cyclingoo Logo Mestre, Daniel POR
244 Cyclingoo Logo Brandao, Jóni POR
245 Cyclingoo Logo Neves Fernandes, José POR
246 Image: Amaro Antunes Antunes, Amaro POR
247 Cyclingoo Logo Caldeira, Samuel POR


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1960 and this edition is number 47

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

764 kms are covered in a total of 5 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 05-05-2021 in Lagos and ends on 09-05-2021 in Malhão

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 175 cyclists and 25 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

UCI Pro Series (Various stages) 2.Pro

What company or organizer manages it?

Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo



Federação Portuguesa de Ciclismo






764 kms



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