Bredene Koksijde Classic 2019

1 stages • 22-03-2019



stage 1

Bredene (BEL) -> Koksijde (BEL)

22-03-2019 • 199.5 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Alvaro Jose Hodeg Chagui Hodeg Chagui, Alvaro Jose COL
2 Image: Remco Evenepoel Evenepoel, Remco BEL
3 Image: Rémi Cavagna Cavagna, Rémi FRA
4 Image: Fabio Jakobsen Jakobsen, Fabio NED
5 Image: Iljo Keisse Keisse, Iljo BEL
6 Image: Davide Martinelli Martinelli, Davide ITA
7 Image: Pieter Serry Serry, Pieter BEL
11 Cyclingoo Logo Halvorsen, Kristoffer NOR
12 Cyclingoo Logo Basso, Leonardo ITA
13 Image: Christian Knees Knees, Christian GER
14 Cyclingoo Logo Lawless, Christopher GBR
15 Image: Pavel Sivakov Sivakov, Pavel FRA
21 Image: Pascal Ackermann Ackermann, Pascal GER
22 Cyclingoo Logo Baška, Erik SVK
23 Image: Jay Mccarthy Mccarthy, Jay AUS
24 Image: Lukas Pöstlberger Pöstlberger, Lukas AUT
25 Cyclingoo Logo Sagan, Juraj SVK
26 Image: Michael Schwarzmann Schwarzmann, Michael GER
27 Image: Rudiger Selig Selig, Rudiger GER
31 Image: Jakub Mareczko Mareczko, Jakub ITA
32 Image: Kamil Gradek Gradek, Kamil POL
33 Image: Jonas Koch Koch, Jonas GER
34 Image: Lukasz Owsian Owsian, Lukasz POL
35 Image: Szymon Sajnok Sajnok, Szymon POL
36 Image: Pawel Bernas Bernas, Pawel POL
37 Image: Josef Cerny Cerny, Josef CZE
41 Cyclingoo Logo Beppu, Fumiyuki JPN
42 Image: Ryan Mullen Mullen, Ryan IRL
43 Cyclingoo Logo Frame, Alex NZL
45 Image: Alex Kirsch Kirsch, Alex LUX
46 Image: Matteo Moschetti Moschetti, Matteo ITA
51 Cyclingoo Logo Blythe, Adam GBR
52 Image: Stan Dewulf Dewulf, Stan BEL
53 Image: Frederik Frison Frison, Frederik BEL
54 Cyclingoo Logo Iversen, Rasmus BEL
55 Image: Lawrence Naesen Naesen, Lawrence BEL
56 Image: Brian Van Goethem Van Goethem, Brian NED
57 Cyclingoo Logo Wouters, Enzo GER
61 Image: Tom Bohli Bohli, Tom SUI
62 Image: Roberto Ferrari Ferrari, Roberto ITA
63 Image: Vegard Stake Laengen Laengen, Vegard Stake NOR
64 Image: Simone Consonni Consonni, Simone ITA
65 Image: Ivo Oliveira Oliveira, Ivo POR
66 Image: Rui Oliveira Oliveira, Rui POR
67 Image: Aleksandr Riabushenko Riabushenko, Aleksandr BLR
71 Image: Jenthe Biermans Biermans, Jenthe BEL
72 Image: Nathan Haas Haas, Nathan AUS
73 Image: Jens Debusschere Debusschere, Jens BEL
74 Image: Pavel Kochetkov Kochetkov, Pavel RUS
75 Image: Willem Jakobus Smit Smit, Willem Jakobus RSA
76 Image: Harry Tanfield Tanfield, Harry GBR
77 Image: Rick Zabel Zabel, Rick GER
81 Cyclingoo Logo Chetout, Loïc FRA
82 Cyclingoo Logo Fortin, Filippo ITA
83 Image: Hugo Hofstetter Hofstetter, Hugo FRA
84 Image: Marco Mathis Mathis, Marco GER
85 Image: Emmanuel Morin Morin, Emmanuel FRA
86 Image: Geoffrey Soupe Soupe, Geoffrey FRA
87 Image: Damien Touzé Touzé, Damien FRA
91 Image: Timothy Dupont Dupont, Timothy BEL
92 Cyclingoo Logo De Decker, Alfdan BEL
93 Cyclingoo Logo De Winter, Ludwig BEL
94 Image: Wesley Kreder Kreder, Wesley NED
95 Image: Xandro Meurisse Meurisse, Xandro BEL
96 Cyclingoo Logo Vanspeybrouck, Pieter BEL
97 Cyclingoo Logo Vallee, Boris BEL
101 Cyclingoo Logo Benfatto, Marco ITA
102 Image: Josip Rumac Rumac, Josip HRV
103 Image: Marco Frapporti Frapporti, Marco ITA
104 Cyclingoo Logo Pelucchi, Matteo ITA
105 Image: Matteo Spreafico Spreafico, Matteo ITA
106 Image: Andrea Vendrame Vendrame, Andrea ITA
107 Cyclingoo Logo Viel, Mattia ITA
111 Image: Senne Leysen Leysen, Senne BEL
112 Cyclingoo Logo Steels, Stijn BEL
113 Cyclingoo Logo Asselman, Jesper NED
114 Cyclingoo Logo Timmermans, Justin NED
115 Cyclingoo Logo Boom, Lars NED
116 Cyclingoo Logo Van Schip, Jan Willem NED
117 Cyclingoo Logo Van Staeyen, Michael BEL
121 Image: Thomas Boudat Boudat, Thomas FRA
122 Image: Mathieu Burgaudeau Burgaudeau, Mathieu FRA
123 Cyclingoo Logo Journiaux, Axel FRA
124 Cyclingoo Logo Quemeneur, Perrig FRA
125 Cyclingoo Logo Gene, Yohann FRA
126 Cyclingoo Logo Tulik, Angelo FRA
127 Cyclingoo Logo Sellier, Simon FRA
131 Image: Mihkel Raim Raim, Mihkel EST
132 Cyclingoo Logo Enger, Sondre Holst NOR
133 Cyclingoo Logo Dempster, Zakkari AUS
134 Image: Rudy Barbier Barbier, Rudy FRA
135 Cyclingoo Logo Goldstein, Roy ISR
136 Image: Riccardo Minali Minali, Riccardo ITA
137 Image: Guillaume Boivin Boivin, Guillaume CAN
141 Image: Milan Menten Menten, Milan BEL
142 Cyclingoo Logo Noppe, Christophe BEL
143 Cyclingoo Logo Planckaert, Emiel BEL
144 Cyclingoo Logo Van Hecke, Preben BEL
145 Cyclingoo Logo Van Rooy, Kenneth BEL
146 Cyclingoo Logo Weemaes, Sasha BEL
147 Cyclingoo Logo Willems, Thimo BEL
151 Cyclingoo Logo Boeckmans, Kris BEL
152 Cyclingoo Logo Cam, Maxime FRA
153 Image: Lorenzo Manzin Manzin, Lorenzo FRA
154 Cyclingoo Logo De Backer, Bert BEL
155 Cyclingoo Logo Morice, Julien FRA
156 Cyclingoo Logo Mottier, Justin FRA
157 Cyclingoo Logo Turgis, Jimmy FRA
161 Cyclingoo Logo Areruya, Joseph RWA
162 Cyclingoo Logo Filosi, Iuri ITA
163 Cyclingoo Logo Jones, Brenton AUS
164 Cyclingoo Logo Leveau, Jeremy FRA
165 Cyclingoo Logo Kasperkiewicz, Przemyslaw POL
166 Cyclingoo Logo Trarieux, Julien FRA
167 Cyclingoo Logo Guérin, Alexis FRA
171 Cyclingoo Logo Dehaes, Kenny BEL
172 Cyclingoo Logo Ista, Kevyn BEL
173 Cyclingoo Logo Molly, Kenny BEL
174 Cyclingoo Logo Mortier, Julien BEL
175 Cyclingoo Logo Mommela, Aksel EST
176 Cyclingoo Logo Paasschens, Mathijs NED
177 Cyclingoo Logo Peyskens, Dimitri BEL
181 Cyclingoo Logo Coenen, Dennis BEL
182 Cyclingoo Logo Debruyne, Glenn BEL
183 Cyclingoo Logo Dieleman, Michiel BEL
184 Cyclingoo Logo Maes, Alexander BEL
185 Cyclingoo Logo Marchand, Gianni BEL
186 Cyclingoo Logo Stevens, Timothy BEL
187 Cyclingoo Logo Teugels, Lennert BEL
191 Image: Mikkel Bjerg Bjerg, Mikkel DEN
192 Cyclingoo Logo Brown, Jonathan USA
193 Cyclingoo Logo Egholm, Jakob DEN
194 Image: Ian Garrison Garrison, Ian USA
195 Image: André Carvalho Carvalho, André POR
196 Cyclingoo Logo Rice, Michael AUS
197 Image: Maikel Zijlaard Zijlaard, Maikel NED
201 Image: Jetse Bol Bol, Jetse NED
202 Image: Manuel Peñalver Peñalver, Manuel ESP
203 Cyclingoo Logo Robredo, Álvaro ESP
204 Image: Jesús Ezquerra Ezquerra, Jesús ESP
205 Image: Nuno Bico Bico, Nuno POR
206 Cyclingoo Logo Gibson, Matthew GBR
207 Cyclingoo Logo López, Daniel ESP
211 Image: Gianni Vermeersch Vermeersch, Gianni BEL
212 Cyclingoo Logo Meisen, Marcel GER
213 Cyclingoo Logo Stallaert, Joeri BEL
214 Cyclingoo Logo Jans, Roy BEL
215 Cyclingoo Logo Van Trijp, Maarten NED
217 Cyclingoo Logo Walsleben, Philipp GER
221 Cyclingoo Logo Jorgensen, Jonas DEN
222 Cyclingoo Logo Brochner, Nicolai DEN
223 Cyclingoo Logo Magnusson, Kim SWE
224 Cyclingoo Logo Nielsen Stokbro, Andreas DEN
225 Cyclingoo Logo Kongstad, Tobias DEN
226 Image: Mathias Norsgaard Norsgaard, Mathias DEN
227 Cyclingoo Logo Wallin, Rasmus Bogh DEN


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 2011 and this edition is number 17

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

199. kms are covered in a total of 1 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 22-03-2019 in Bredene and ends in Koksijde

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 156 cyclists and 23 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

Hors categorie (One stage) 1.HC

What company or organizer manages it?

Wielerclub Krekedalvrienden



Wielerclub Krekedalvrienden






199. kms



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