Scheldeprijs 2022

1 stages • 06-04-2022

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stage 1

Terneuzen (NED) -> Schoten (BEL)

06-04-2022 • 198.7 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Jasper Philipsen Philipsen, Jasper BEL
2 Image: Tim Merlier Merlier, Tim BEL
3 Image: Maurice Ballerstedt Ballerstedt, Maurice GER
4 Image: Senne Leysen Leysen, Senne BEL
5 Image: Edward Planckaert Planckaert, Edward BEL
6 Image: Guillaume Van Keirsbulck Van Keirsbulck, Guillaume BEL
7 Image: Lionel Taminiaux Taminiaux, Lionel BEL
11 Image: Fabio Jakobsen Jakobsen, Fabio NED
12 Image: Zdeněk Štybar Štybar, Zdeněk CZE
13 Image: Iljo Keisse Keisse, Iljo BEL
14 Image: Michael Mørkøv Mørkøv, Michael DEN
15 Cyclingoo Logo Steels, Stijn BEL
16 Image: Jannik Steimle Steimle, Jannik GER
17 Image: Ethan Vernon Vernon, Ethan GBR
21 Image: Arnaud De Lie De Lie, Arnaud BEL
22 Image: Cedric Beullens Beullens, Cedric BEL
23 Image: Brent Van Moer Van Moer, Brent BEL
24 Image: Roger Kluge Kluge, Roger GER
25 Image: Michael Schwarzmann Schwarzmann, Michael GER
26 Image: Rudiger Selig Selig, Rudiger GER
27 Image: Florian Vermeersch Vermeersch, Florian BEL
31 Image: Alexander Kristoff Kristoff, Alexander NOR
32 Image: Aimé De Gendt De Gendt, Aimé BEL
33 Cyclingoo Logo Devriendt, Tom BEL
34 Image: Barnabás Peák Peák, Barnabás HUN
35 Cyclingoo Logo Planckaert, Baptiste BEL
36 Image: Gerben Thijssen Thijssen, Gerben BEL
37 Image: Boy Van Poppel Van Poppel, Boy NED
41 Image: Sam Bennett Bennett, Sam IRL
42 Image: Martin Laas Laas, Martin EST
43 Image: Marco Haller Haller, Marco AUT
44 Image: Jordi Meeus Meeus, Jordi BEL
45 Image: Ryan Mullen Mullen, Ryan IRL
46 Image: Nils Politt Politt, Nils GER
47 Image: Danny Van Poppel Van Poppel, Danny NED
51 Image: Piet Allegaert Allegaert, Piet BEL
53 Image: Tom Bohli Bohli, Tom SUI
54 Image: Alexandre Delettre Delettre, Alexandre FRA
55 Image: Szymon Sajnok Sajnok, Szymon POL
57 Cyclingoo Logo Vanbilsen, Kenneth BEL
71 Image: Dylan Groenewegen Groenewegen, Dylan NED
72 Cyclingoo Logo Balmer, Alexandre SUI
73 Image: Alexander Edmondson Edmondson, Alexander AUS
74 Image: Sam Bewley Bewley, Sam NZL
75 Image: Luka Mezgec Mezgec, Luka SLO
76 Image: Kelland O'Brien O'Brien, Kelland AUS
77 Image: Campbell Stewart Stewart, Campbell NZL
81 Image: Cees Bol Bol, Cees NED
82 Image: Nico  Denz Denz, Nico GER
83 Image: Niklas Märkl Märkl, Niklas GER
84 Image: Alberto Dainese Dainese, Alberto ITA
85 Cyclingoo Logo Van Uden, Casper NED
86 Image: Sam Welsford Welsford, Sam AUS
87 Image: Tobias Lund Andresen Andresen, Tobias Lund DEN
91 Image: Jon Aberasturi Izaga Aberasturi Izaga, Jon ESP
92 Image: Otto Vergaerde Vergaerde, Otto BEL
93 Image: Daan Hoole Hoole, Daan NED
94 Image: Emils Liepins Liepins, Emils LAT
95 Image: Matteo Moschetti Moschetti, Matteo ITA
96 Image: Edward Theuns Theuns, Edward BEL
101 Image: Pascal Ackermann Ackermann, Pascal GER
102 Cyclingoo Logo Groß, Felix GER
105 Image: Juan Sebastian Molano Benavides Molano Benavides, Juan Sebastian COL
106 Image: Vegard Stake Laengen Laengen, Vegard Stake NOR
107 Image: Oliveiro Troia Troia, Oliveiro ITA
111 Cyclingoo Logo Heidemann, Miguel GER
112 Image: Luca Mozzato Mozzato, Luca ITA
113 Cyclingoo Logo Parisella, Raphael CAN
114 Cyclingoo Logo Lagrée, Adrien FRA
115 Image: Cyril Lemoine Lemoine, Cyril FRA
116 Cyclingoo Logo Morice, Julien FRA
121 Image: Sacha Modolo Modolo, Sacha ITA
122 Cyclingoo Logo Bonillo Martin, Iker ESP
123 Cyclingoo Logo Colnaghi, Luca ITA
124 Image: Filippo Fiorelli Fiorelli, Filippo ITA
125 Image: Davide Gabburo Gabburo, Davide ITA
126 Image: Enrico Zanoncello Zanoncello, Enrico ITA
127 Image: Samuele Zoccarato Zoccarato, Samuele ITA
131 Image: Timothy Dupont Dupont, Timothy BEL
132 Image: Stanislaw Aniolkowski Aniolkowski, Stanislaw POL
133 Cyclingoo Logo De Maeght, Dorian BEL
134 Cyclingoo Logo Lauk, Karl Patrick EST
135 Cyclingoo Logo Wirtgen, Tom LUX
136 Cyclingoo Logo Peyskens, Dimitri BEL
137 Cyclingoo Logo Robeet, Ludovic BEL
141 Cyclingoo Logo Weemaes, Sasha BEL
142 Cyclingoo Logo Apers, Ruben BEL
143 Cyclingoo Logo Reynders, Jens BEL
144 Cyclingoo Logo Verwilst, Aaron BEL
145 Cyclingoo Logo Van Poucke, Aaron BEL
146 Image: Arne Marit Marit, Arne BEL
147 Cyclingoo Logo Van Rooy, Kenneth BEL
151 Image: Nacer Bouhanni Bouhanni, Nacer FRA
152 Cyclingoo Logo Noppe, Christophe BEL
153 Cyclingoo Logo DeClercq, Benjamin BEL
154 Image: Donavan Vincent Grondin Grondin, Donavan Vincent FRA
155 Image: Kevin Ledanois Ledanois, Kevin FRA
156 Image: Daniel  Mclay Mclay, Daniel GBR
157 Cyclingoo Logo Pajur, Markus EST
161 Cyclingoo Logo Beadle, Hamish NZL
162 Cyclingoo Logo Ceurens, Robbe BEL
163 Cyclingoo Logo Clancy, Stephen IRL
164 Cyclingoo Logo Irvine, Declan AUS
165 Cyclingoo Logo Kopecký, Matyáš CZE
166 Cyclingoo Logo Peron, Andrea ITA
167 Cyclingoo Logo Poli, Umberto ITA
171 Image: Niccolo Bonifazio Bonifazio, Niccolo ITA
172 Image: Maciej Bodnar Bodnar, Maciej POL
173 Image: Sandy Dujardin Dujardin, Sandy FRA
174 Image: Geoffrey Soupe Soupe, Geoffrey FRA
181 Image: Jonas Abrahamsen Abrahamsen, Jonas NOR
182 Cyclingoo Logo Halvorsen, Kristoffer NOR
184 Cyclingoo Logo Fredheim, Stian NOR
185 Cyclingoo Logo Saugstad, Lars NOR
186 Image: Soren Warenskjold Warenskjold, Soren NOR
187 Cyclingoo Logo WÆrsted, Syver NOR
191 Cyclingoo Logo Büchli, Matthijs NED
192 Cyclingoo Logo Boons, Jente BEL
193 Cyclingoo Logo Bouts, Jordy BEL
194 Cyclingoo Logo Daemen, Stijn NED
195 Cyclingoo Logo Dissel, Bram NED
196 Cyclingoo Logo Hoppezak, Vincent NED
197 Cyclingoo Logo Kerckhaert, Jochem NED
201 Cyclingoo Logo Van Staeyen, Michael BEL
202 Cyclingoo Logo Feeley, Daire IRL
203 Cyclingoo Logo Franck, Eamon USA
204 Cyclingoo Logo Guinet, Dylan FRA
205 Cyclingoo Logo McLaughlin, Mitchell IRL
206 Cyclingoo Logo Mc Dunphy, Conn IRL
207 Cyclingoo Logo Verheyen, Maarten BEL
211 Cyclingoo Logo Borra, Gilles BEL
212 Cyclingoo Logo D´heygere, Gil BEL
213 Cyclingoo Logo Joseph, Thomas BEL
214 Cyclingoo Logo Van Schoor, Matthew BEL
215 Cyclingoo Logo Dhaeye, Enrico BEL
216 Cyclingoo Logo Debaele, Jorre BEL
217 Cyclingoo Logo Vandevelde, Yentl BEL


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1907 and this edition is number 110

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

198.7 kms are covered in a total of 1 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 06-04-2022 in Terneuzen and ends in Schoten

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 137 cyclists and 21 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

UCI Pro Series (One stage) 1.Pro

What company or organizer manages it?

Flanders Classics



Flanders Classics






198.7 kms



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