Paris - Tours 2019

1 stages • 13-10-2019



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stage 1

Chartres (FRA) -> Tours (FRA)

13-10-2019 • 217.0 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Soren Kragh Andersen Kragh Andersen, Soren DEN
2 Image: Cees Bol Bol, Cees NED
3 Cyclingoo Logo Curvers, Roy NED
4 Image: Nils Eekhoff Eekhoff, Nils NED
5 Cyclingoo Logo Kragh Andersen, Asbjørn DEN
6 Image: Martin Alexander Salmon Salmon, Martin Alexander GER
7 Image: Max Walscheid Walscheid, Max GER
11 Image: Niki Terpstra Terpstra, Niki NED
12 Image: Mathieu Burgaudeau Burgaudeau, Mathieu FRA
13 Image: Damien Gaudin Gaudin, Damien FRA
14 Image: Fabien Grellier Grellier, Fabien FRA
15 Cyclingoo Logo Pichot, Alexandre FRA
16 Cyclingoo Logo Tulik, Angelo FRA
17 Image: Anthony Turgis Turgis, Anthony FRA
21 Image: Oliver Naesen Naesen, Oliver BEL
22 Image: Silvan Dillier Dillier, Silvan SUI
23 Image: Julien Duval Duval, Julien FRA
24 Image: Tony Gallopin Gallopin, Tony FRA
25 Cyclingoo Logo Bagdonas, Gediminas LTU
26 Cyclingoo Logo Vandenbergh, Stijn BEL
27 Image: Clément Venturini Venturini, Clément FRA
31 Image: Arnaud Demare Demare, Arnaud FRA
33 Image: Jacopo Guarnieri Guarnieri, Jacopo ITA
34 Image: Stefan Küng Küng, Stefan SUI
35 Image: Olivier Le Gac Le Gac, Olivier FRA
36 Image: Marc Sarreau Sarreau, Marc FRA
37 Image: Ramon Sinkeldam Sinkeldam, Ramon NED
38 Image: Kevin Geniets Geniets, Kevin LUX
41 Image: Jelle Wallays Wallays, Jelle BEL
42 Cyclingoo Logo Blythe, Adam GBR
43 Image: Stan Dewulf Dewulf, Stan BEL
44 Image: Jens Keukeleire Keukeleire, Jens BEL
45 Cyclingoo Logo Maes, Nikolas BEL
46 Image: Lawrence Naesen Naesen, Lawrence BEL
47 Image: Gerben Thijssen Thijssen, Gerben BEL
51 Image: Mark Cavendish Cavendish, Mark GBR
52 Image: Ytting Lars Bak Bak, Ytting Lars DEN
53 Cyclingoo Logo Eisel, Bernhard AUT
54 Image: Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg Janse Van Rensburg, Reinardt RSA
55 Image: Alexander Konychev Konychev, Alexander ITA
57 Image: Julien Vermote Vermote, Julien BEL
62 Image: Eddy Fine Fine, Eddy FRA
63 Image: Cyril Lemoine Lemoine, Cyril FRA
64 Image: Pierre-Luc Perichon Perichon, Pierre-Luc FRA
65 Image: Geoffrey Soupe Soupe, Geoffrey FRA
66 Image: Damien Touzé Touzé, Damien FRA
67 Image: Bert Van Lerberghe Van Lerberghe, Bert BEL
69 Image: Julien Simon Simon, Julien FRA
71 Image: Bryan Coquard Coquard, Bryan FRA
72 Cyclingoo Logo Boeckmans, Kris BEL
73 Cyclingoo Logo De Backer, Bert BEL
74 Cyclingoo Logo Garel, Adrien FRA
75 Image: Lorenzo Manzin Manzin, Lorenzo FRA
76 Cyclingoo Logo Morice, Julien FRA
77 Image: Kévin Reza Reza, Kévin FRA
81 Image: Tom Bohli Bohli, Tom SUI
83 Image: Nicolas Dalla Valle Dalla Valle, Nicolas ITA
84 Image: Vegard Stake Laengen Laengen, Vegard Stake NOR
85 Image: Rui Oliveira Oliveira, Rui POR
86 Image: Rory Sutherland Sutherland, Rory AUS
91 Image: Jens Debusschere Debusschere, Jens BEL
92 Image: Jenthe Biermans Biermans, Jenthe BEL
93 Cyclingoo Logo Bouwmans, Dylan NED
94 Image: Alex Dowsett Dowsett, Alex GBR
95 Image: Reto Hollenstein Hollenstein, Reto SUI
96 Image: Dimitry Strakhov Strakhov, Dimitry RUS
97 Image: Harry Tanfield Tanfield, Harry GBR
101 Cyclingoo Logo Feillu, Brice FRA
102 Image: Franck Bonnamour Bonnamour, Franck FRA
103 Image: Anthony Delaplace Delaplace, Anthony FRA
104 Image: Thibault Guernalec Guernalec, Thibault FRA
105 Image: Alan Riou Riou, Alan FRA
106 Image: Clement Russo Russo, Clement FRA
107 Image: Connor Swift Swift, Connor GBR
111 Image: Timothy Dupont Dupont, Timothy BEL
112 Image: Aimé De Gendt De Gendt, Aimé BEL
113 Cyclingoo Logo Devriendt, Tom BEL
114 Image: Fabien Doubey Doubey, Fabien FRA
116 Cyclingoo Logo Vanspeybrouck, Pieter BEL
118 Cyclingoo Logo Delacroix, Théo FRA
119 Image: Xandro Meurisse Meurisse, Xandro BEL
121 Image: Tom Van Asbroeck Van Asbroeck, Tom BEL
122 Image: Rudy Barbier Barbier, Rudy FRA
123 Cyclingoo Logo Carisey, Clément FRA
124 Image: Conor Dunne Dunne, Conor IRL
128 Image: Guy Sagiv Sagiv, Guy ISR
129 Cyclingoo Logo Dempster, Zakkari AUS
132 Cyclingoo Logo Ista, Kevyn BEL
133 Cyclingoo Logo Molly, Kenny BEL
134 Cyclingoo Logo Paasschens, Mathijs NED
135 Cyclingoo Logo Robeet, Ludovic BEL
136 Image: Lionel Taminiaux Taminiaux, Lionel BEL
137 Cyclingoo Logo Six, Franklin BEL
138 Cyclingoo Logo Mommela, Aksel EST
141 Image: Piet Allegaert Allegaert, Piet BEL
142 Image: Amaury Capiot Capiot, Amaury BEL
143 Image: Edward Planckaert Planckaert, Edward BEL
144 Cyclingoo Logo Sprengers, Thomas BEL
145 Cyclingoo Logo Van Hecke, Preben BEL
146 Cyclingoo Logo Verwilst, Aaron BEL
147 Cyclingoo Logo Willems, Thimo BEL
151 Cyclingoo Logo Siskevicius, Evaldas LTU
152 Image: Romain Combaud Combaud, Romain FRA
154 Cyclingoo Logo Finetto, Mauro ITA
155 Cyclingoo Logo Guérin, Alexis FRA
156 Cyclingoo Logo Navardauskas, Ramunas LTU
157 Cyclingoo Logo Trarieux, Julien FRA
159 Cyclingoo Logo Fedeli, Alessandro ITA
161 Cyclingoo Logo Eriksson, Lucas SWE
162 Cyclingoo Logo Brochner, Nicolai DEN
163 Image: Mathias Norsgaard Norsgaard, Mathias DEN
164 Cyclingoo Logo Kongstad, Tobias DEN
165 Cyclingoo Logo Nielsen Stokbro, Andreas DEN
166 Cyclingoo Logo Quaade, Rasmus Christian DEN
167 Cyclingoo Logo Vinjebo, Emil DEN
171 Image: Boy Van Poppel Van Poppel, Boy NED
172 Cyclingoo Logo Asselman, Jesper NED
173 Cyclingoo Logo Lammertink, Maurits NED
174 Cyclingoo Logo Livyns, Arjen BEL
175 Cyclingoo Logo Timmermans, Justin NED
176 Cyclingoo Logo Van Der Lijke, Nick NED
181 Cyclingoo Logo Joyce, Colin USA
182 Cyclingoo Logo Carpenter, Robin USA
183 Cyclingoo Logo Coté, Pier-André CAN
185 Cyclingoo Logo De Vos, Adam CAN
186 Cyclingoo Logo Magner, Tyler USA
187 Cyclingoo Logo Murphy, John USA
189 Cyclingoo Logo Murphy, Kyle USA
191 Cyclingoo Logo Porsev, Alexander RUS
192 Cyclingoo Logo Boev, Igor RUS
193 Cyclingoo Logo Kulikov, Vladislav RUS
194 Cyclingoo Logo Kulikovskiy, Alexandr RUS
195 Cyclingoo Logo Kuriyanov, Stepan RUS
196 Cyclingoo Logo Shilov, Sergey RUS
197 Cyclingoo Logo Stash, Mamyr RUS
201 Cyclingoo Logo Aristi Gardoki, Mikel ESP
202 Image: Fernando Barceló Aragón Barceló Aragón, Fernando ESP
203 Cyclingoo Logo Barrenetxea, Ander ESP
204 Image: Urko Berrade Berrade, Urko ESP
205 Image: Mikel Iturria Iturria, Mikel ESP
206 Cyclingoo Logo López-Cózar, Juan Antonio ESP
207 Cyclingoo Logo Rodríguez, Sergio ESP
211 Cyclingoo Logo Hurel, Tony FRA
212 Cyclingoo Logo Baldo, Nicolas FRA
213 Cyclingoo Logo Jakin, Alo EST
214 Cyclingoo Logo Le Cunff, Kevin FRA
215 Cyclingoo Logo Maldonado, Anthony FRA
216 Cyclingoo Logo Paillot, Yoann FRA
217 Cyclingoo Logo Van Niekerk, Morné RSA
221 Cyclingoo Logo Antomarchi, Julien FRA
222 Cyclingoo Logo Barbier, Pierre FRA
223 Cyclingoo Logo Dernies, Tom BEL
224 Cyclingoo Logo Idjouadiene, Pierre FRA
225 Cyclingoo Logo Leroux, Samuel FRA
226 Cyclingoo Logo Masson, Christophe FRA
227 Cyclingoo Logo Vermeulen, Emiel BEL


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1896 and this edition is number 113

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

217 kms are covered in a total of 1 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 13-10-2019 in Chartres and ends in Tours

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 156 cyclists and 23 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

Hors categorie (One stage) 1.HC

What company or organizer manages it?










217 kms



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