Vuelta a Burgos 2021

5 stages • 03-08-2021 -> 07-08-2021

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stage 1

Burgos (Catedral) (ESP) -> Burgos (Castillo) (ESP)

03-08-2021 • 161.0 kms

stage 2

Tardajos (ESP) -> Briviesca (ESP)

04-08-2021 • 175.0 kms

stage 4

Roa del Duero (ESP) -> Aranda de Duero (ESP)

06-08-2021 • 149.0 kms

stage 5

Comunero de Revenga (ESP) -> Lagunas de Neila (ESP)

07-08-2021 • 146.0 kms



Bib Cyclist Country
1 Image: Mikel Landa Landa, Mikel ESP
2 Image: Yukiya Arashiro Arashiro, Yukiya JPN
3 Image: Damiano Caruso Caruso, Damiano ITA
4 Image: Santiago Buitrago Sánchez Buitrago Sánchez, Santiago COL
5 Image: Gino Mäder Mäder, Gino SUI
6 Image: Mark Padun Padun, Mark UKR
7 Image: Stephen Williams Williams, Stephen GBR
11 Image: Egan Arley Bernal Bernal, Egan Arley COL
12 Image: Adam Yates Yates, Adam GBR
13 Image: Carlos Rodríguez Cano Rodríguez Cano, Carlos ESP
14 Image: Jhonnatan Narváez Narváez, Jhonnatan ECU
15 Image: Salvatore Puccio Puccio, Salvatore ITA
16 Image: Pavel Sivakov Sivakov, Pavel FRA
17 Image: Daniel Felipe Martínez Poveda Martínez Poveda, Daniel Felipe COL
21 Image: Johan Jacobs Jacobs, Johan SUI
22 Image: Gregor Mühlberger Mühlberger, Gregor AUT
23 Image: Nelson Filipe Oliveira Oliveira, Nelson Filipe POR
24 Image: Antonio Pedrero López Pedrero López, Antonio ESP
25 Image: José Joaquín Rojas Gil Rojas Gil, José Joaquín ESP
26 Image: Einer Rubio Reyes Rubio Reyes, Einer COL
27 Image: Gonzalo Serrano Rodriguez Serrano Rodriguez, Gonzalo ESP
31 Image: Luis León Sánchez Sánchez, Luis León ESP
32 Image: Gorka Izaguirre Izaguirre, Gorka ESP
33 Image: Rodrigo Contreras Contreras, Rodrigo COL
34 Image: Óscar Rodríguez Rodríguez, Óscar ESP
35 Image: Yuriy Natarov Natarov, Yuriy KAZ
36 Image: Harold Alfonso Tejada Canacue Tejada Canacue, Harold Alfonso COL
37 Image: Aleksandr Vlasov Vlasov, Aleksandr RUS
41 Image: Cesare Benedetti Benedetti, Cesare ITA
42 Image: Marcus Burghardt Burghardt, Marcus GER
43 Image: Patrick Gamper Gamper, Patrick AUT
45 Image: Jordi Meeus Meeus, Jordi BEL
46 Image: Daniel Oss Oss, Daniel ITA
47 Image: Ben Zwiehoff Zwiehoff, Ben GER
51 Image: Hugh Carthy Carthy, Hugh GBR
52 Image: William Barta Barta, William USA
53 Image: Jonathan Caicedo Caicedo, Jonathan ECU
54 Image: Simon Carr Carr, Simon GBR
55 Image: Lawson Craddock Craddock, Lawson USA
56 Image: Jens Keukeleire Keukeleire, Jens BEL
57 Cyclingoo Logo Nakane, Hideto JPN
61 Cyclingoo Logo Brunel, Alexys FRA
62 Image: Kevin Geniets Geniets, Kevin LUX
63 Image: Matthieu Ladagnous Ladagnous, Matthieu FRA
64 Image: Sébastien Reichenbach Reichenbach, Sébastien SUI
65 Image: Anthony Roux Roux, Anthony FRA
66 Image: Lars Van Den Berg Van Den Berg, Lars NED
67 Cyclingoo Logo Thompson, Reuben NZL
71 Image: Alexander Cataford Cataford, Alexander CAN
72 Image: Itamar Einhorn Einhorn, Itamar ISR
73 Image: Krists Neilands Neilands, Krists LAT
74 Image: Guy Niv Niv, Guy ISR
75 Image: James Piccoli Piccoli, James CAN
76 Image: Mads Würtz Schmidt Schmidt, Mads Würtz DEN
77 Image: Sep Vanmarcke Vanmarcke, Sep BEL
81 Image: Simon Yates Yates, Simon GBR
82 Image: Mikel Nieve Nieve, Mikel ESP
83 Image: Sam Bewley Bewley, Sam NZL
84 Cyclingoo Logo Goh, Choon Huat SGP
85 Image: Damien Howson Howson, Damien AUS
86 Image: Robert Stannard Stannard, Robert AUS
87 Image: Andrey Zeits Zeits, Andrey KAZ
91 Image: David De La Cruz De La Cruz, David ESP
92 Cyclingoo Logo Ardila Ordoñez, Andrés COL
93 Image: Finn Fisher-Black Fisher-Black, Finn NZL
94 Image: Juan Sebastian Molano Benavides Molano Benavides, Juan Sebastian COL
95 Cyclingoo Logo Muñoz, Cristian Camilo COL
96 Image: Matteo Trentin Trentin, Matteo ITA
97 Image: Joseph Lloyd Dombrowski Dombrowski, Joseph Lloyd USA
101 Image: Fabio Aru Aru, Fabio ITA
102 Image: Sander Armée Armée, Sander BEL
103 Image: Bert-jan Lindeman Lindeman, Bert-jan NED
104 Image: Domenico Pozzovivo Pozzovivo, Domenico ITA
105 Image: Dylan Sunderland Sunderland, Dylan AUS
106 Image: Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg Janse Van Rensburg, Reinardt RSA
107 Cyclingoo Logo Vinjebo, Emil DEN
111 Image: François Bidard Bidard, François FRA
112 Image: Geoffrey Bouchard Bouchard, Geoffrey FRA
113 Image: Lilian Calmejane Calmejane, Lilian FRA
114 Image: Mikael Cherel Cherel, Mikael FRA
115 Image: Jaakko Hänninen Hänninen, Jaakko FIN
116 Image: Marc Sarreau Sarreau, Marc FRA
117 Image: Damien Touzé Touzé, Damien FRA
121 Image: Romain Bardet Bardet, Romain FRA
122 Image: Thymen Arensman Arensman, Thymen NED
123 Image: Alberto Dainese Dainese, Alberto ITA
124 Image: Nico  Denz Denz, Nico GER
125 Image: Chad Haga Haga, Chad USA
126 Image: Chris Hamilton Hamilton, Chris AUS
127 Image: Martijn Tusveld Tusveld, Martijn NED
131 Image: Jay Vine Vine, Jay AUS
132 Image: Floris De Tier De Tier, Floris BEL
133 Image: Tobias Bayer Bayer, Tobias AUT
134 Image: Lionel Taminiaux Taminiaux, Lionel BEL
135 Image: Edward Planckaert Planckaert, Edward BEL
136 Image: Sacha Modolo Modolo, Sacha ITA
137 Image: Scott Thwaites Thwaites, Scott GBR
141 Image: Ángel Madrazo Madrazo, Ángel ESP
142 Image: Daniel Navarro Navarro, Daniel ESP
143 Cyclingoo Logo Aparicio Muñoz, Mario ESP
144 Image: Jetse Bol Bol, Jetse NED
145 Image: Carlos Canal Blanco Canal Blanco, Carlos ESP
146 Image: Diego Rubio Rubio, Diego ESP
147 Image: Oscar Cabedo Carda Cabedo Carda, Oscar ESP
151 Image: Jeremy Cabot Cabot, Jeremy FRA
152 Image: Victor De La Parte De La Parte, Victor ESP
153 Cyclingoo Logo Gaillard, Marlon FRA
154 Image: Damien Gaudin Gaudin, Damien FRA
155 Cyclingoo Logo Lawless, Christopher GBR
156 Cyclingoo Logo Maitre, Florian FRA
157 Image: Adrien Petit Petit, Adrien FRA
161 Image: Winner Anacona Anacona, Winner COL
162 Image: Diego Rosa Rosa, Diego ITA
163 Image: Thomas Boudat Boudat, Thomas FRA
164 Image: Miguel Florez López Florez López, Miguel COL
165 Image: Matis Louvel Louvel, Matis FRA
166 Image: Lukasz Owsian Owsian, Lukasz POL
167 Image: Kevin Ledanois Ledanois, Kevin FRA
171 Image: Jon Aberasturi Izaga Aberasturi Izaga, Jon ESP
172 Image: Julen Amezqueta Moreno Amezqueta Moreno, Julen ESP
173 Image: Alvaro Cuadros Morata Cuadros Morata, Alvaro ESP
174 Image: Jonathan Lastra Martinez Lastra Martinez, Jonathan ESP
175 Image: Oier Lazkano Lopez Lazkano Lopez, Oier ESP
176 Image: Sergio Martín Galán Martín Galán, Sergio ESP
177 Cyclingoo Logo Murguialday Elorza, Jokin ESP
181 Image: Urko Berrade Berrade, Urko ESP
182 Image: Roger Adrià Oliveras Adrià Oliveras, Roger ESP
183 Image: Raúl García Pierna García Pierna, Raúl ESP
184 Image: Francisco Galván Fernández Galván Fernández, Francisco ESP
185 Cyclingoo Logo Agirre Egaña, Jon ESP
186 Cyclingoo Logo García Pierna, Carlos ESP
187 Cyclingoo Logo Jaime Fernández, Alex ESP
191 Cyclingoo Logo Alonso Flores, Mikel ESP
192 Image: Mikel Bizkarra Bizkarra, Mikel ESP
193 Image: Mikel Iturria Iturria, Mikel ESP
194 Image: Joan Bou Company Bou Company, Joan ESP
195 Image: Gotzon Martín Martín, Gotzon ESP
196 Cyclingoo Logo Cuadrado Ruiz De Gauna, Unai ESP
197 Image: Luis Angel Maté Maté, Luis Angel ESP
201 Image: Francesco Gavazzi Gavazzi, Francesco ITA
202 Image: Diego Pablo Sevilla Sevilla, Diego Pablo ESP
203 Image: Vincenzo Albanese Albanese, Vincenzo ITA
204 Image: Alejandro Ropero Ropero, Alejandro ESP
205 Cyclingoo Logo Dina, Márton HUN
206 Cyclingoo Logo Christian, Mark GBR
207 Cyclingoo Logo García Gónzalez, Sergio ESP


When it began to dispute this race?

The first time was in the year 1946 and this edition is number 43

How many kilometers are covered? And stages?

796 kms are covered in a total of 5 stage/s

What day begins? How long does it last?

It starts on 03-08-2021 in Burgos (Catedral) and ends on 07-08-2021 in Lagunas de Neila

How many teams and cyclists participate?

A total of 146 cyclists and 21 teams. Click on this link to see more

What UCI category does this race have?

UCI Pro Series (Various stages) 2.Pro

What company or organizer manages it?

Diputación de Burgos



Diputación de Burgos






796 kms



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